Containment Basins for Chemical Storage Tanks

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The one piece, seamless construction of our molded polyethylene containment basins provide an effective barrier between the tank and the environment.
  • UV Stabilized for outdoor use.
  • Excellent chemical and impact resistance.
  • Comply with federal regulation 40CFR-264.193.
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Containment Basins for Chemical Storage Tanks
  Name Part Capacity Dimensions Ships From Price
Chem-Tainer 385 Gallon Containment BasinTC6433OA-BLACK385 Gallon64"D x 33"HCA, TN$573.99
Chem-Tainer 675 Gallon Containment BasinTC6646OA-BLACK675 Gallon66"D x 46"HIL$874.99
Chem-Tainer 675 Gallon Containment BasinTC8230OA-BLACK675 Gallon82"D x 30"HFL$874.99
Chem-Tainer 950 Gallon Containment BasinTC6470OA-BLACK950 Gallon64"D x 70"HCA, TN$895.99
Chem-Tainer 950 Gallon Containment BasinTC8638OA-BLACK950 Gallon86"D x 38"HTN$820.99
Chem-Tainer 1100 Gallon Containment BasinTC8748OA-BLACK1100 Gallon87"D x 48"HCA$822.99
Chem-Tainer 1150 Gallon Containment Basin727266OA-BLACK1150 Gallon72"L x 72"W x 66"HFL$1,332.99
Chem-Tainer 1250 Gallon Containment Basin969640OA-BLACK1250 Gallon96"L x 96"W x 40"HFL$1,532.99
Chem-Tainer 1415 Gallon Containment Basin969644OA-BLACK1415 Gallon96"L x 96"W x 44"HFL$1,692.99
Chem-Tainer 1450 Gallon Containment Basin848448OA-BLACK1450 Gallon84"L x 84"W x 48"HFL$1,692.99
Chem-Tainer 1500 Gallon Containment BasinTC8660OA-BLACK1500 Gallon86"D x 60"HTN$1,708.99
Chem-Tainer 1600 Gallon Containment BasinTC8769OA-BLACK1600 Gallon87"D x 69"HCA$1,479.99
Chem-Tainer 1800 Gallon Containment Basin848460OA-BLACK1800 Gallon84"L x 84"W x 60"HFL$1,884.99
Chem-Tainer 2000 Gallon Containment BasinTC8681OA-BLACK2000 Gallon86"D x 81"HTN$1,924.99
Chem-Tainer 2075 Gallon Containment Basin969662OA-BLACK2075 Gallon96"L x 96"W x 62"HFL$2,297.99
Chem-Tainer 2450 Gallon Containment BasinTC9585OA-BLACK2450 Gallon95"D x 85"HPA, CA$2,298.99
Chem-Tainer 2975 Gallon Containment BasinTC9597OA-BLACK2975 Gallon95"D x 97"HCA, PA$2,753.99
Chem-Tainer 3700 Gallon Containment BasinTC3701OA-BLACK3700 Gallon102"D x 109"HCA$3,067.99
Chem-Tainer 4250 Gallon Containment BasinTC4250OA-BLACK4250 Gallon120"D x 87"HTN$3,878.99
Chem-Tainer 4650 Gallon Containment BasinTC4650OA-BLACK4650 Gallon120"D x 97"HTN$4,384.99
Chem-Tainer 4800 Gallon Containment BasinTC4800OA-BLACK4800 Gallon102"D x 137"HCA$6,099.99
Norwesco 5000 Gallon Containment BasinTN5000OA5000 Gallon141"D x 77"HTN$15,258.99
Chem-Tainer 5700 Gallon Containment BasinTC5700OA-BLACK5700 Gallon120"D x 117"HTN$5,726.99
Norwesco 6500 Gallon Containment BasinTN6500OA6500 Gallon141"D x 100"HTN$13,077.99
Chem-Tainer 6800 Gallon Containment BasinTC6800OA-BLACK6800 Gallon120"D x 150"HTN$6,874.99
Norwesco 7500 Gallon Containment BasinTN7500OA7500 Gallon141"D x 115"HTN$13,077.99
Norwesco 8750 Gallon Containment BasinTN8750OA8750 Gallon141"D x 135"HTN$13,077.99