Emergency Water Tanks

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Tanks suitable for Water Storage
45 Gal - 250 Gal

Full selection of Vertical Water Tanks (20 - 12,500 Gallons)

  • Color Tank reduces algae growth within water tanks and blends in with the environment.
  • UV Stabilized (you can use our water tanks outdoors).
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Water tanks come complete with female threaded inlet/outlets* and a vented twist entry.
  • Maintenance free, made to last.
  • Applications include drinking water, fire protection, irrigation, disaster preparedness, and rainwater collection.
  • Complies with U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulation 21CFR 177.1520 (1) 3.1 and 3.2 for storage of potable water.
  • Tanks supplied with 1" female threaded inlet & 1 1/2" female threaded outlet.
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Emergency Water Tanks
  Name Part Capacity Diameter Height Ships From Price
45 Gallon Vertical Storage TankTC1851IC-245 Gallon18"51"IL$93.99
55 Gallon Vertical Storage TankTC2038IC-255 Gallon20"38"FL, CA$100.99
65 Gallon Vertical Storage TankTC2342IC-265 Gallon23"42"TN, CA$114.99
100 Gallon Vertical Storage TankTC2364IC-2100 Gallon23"64"TN, CA$152.99
100 Gallon Emergency Water Storage TankPM-PM100E100 Gallon30"42"TX$199.95
125 Gallon Emergency Water Storage TankPM-PM125E125 Gallon30"50"TX$227.95
130 Gallon Vertical Storage TankTC2376IC-2130 Gallon23.125"84"CA$209.99
150 Gallon Emergency Water Storage TankPM-PM150E150 Gallon30"58"TX$249.95
160 Gallon Vertical Storage TankTC2866IC-2160 Gallon28"66"CA$216.99
165 Gallon Vertical Storage TankTC3158IC-2165 Gallon31"58"PA, IL, CA$209.99
200 Gallon Vertical Storage Tank
Ships Immediately!
9525-TC3172IC-2200 Gallon31"72"CA$339.99
200 Gallon Green Plastic Water Tank
Ships Immediately!
9525-TC3172IC-2-GREEN200 Gallon31"72"CA$339.99
200 Gallon Vertical Storage TankTC3172IC-2200 Gallon31"72"TN, CA$261.99
200 Gallon Emergency Water Storage TankPM-PM200E200 Gallon36"56"TX$289.95
250 Gallon Vertical Storage Tank
Ships Immediately!
9525-TC3568IC-2250 Gallon35"68"CA$399.99
250 Gallon Green Plastic Water Tank
Ships Immediately!
9525-TC3568IC-2-GREEN250 Gallon35"68"CA$399.99
250 Gallon Vertical Storage TankTC3568IC-2250 Gallon35"68"PA, IL, CA$314.99
250 Gallon Emergency Water Storage TankPM-PM250E250 Gallon36"66"TX$324.95
500 Gallon Emergency Water Storage TankPM-PM500E500 Gallon48"71"TX$474.95