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Floor Sweeping Compound

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Tank Depot Sweeping Compound provides sweeping compounds to clean up a wide array of solid and liquid debris for any floor surface. The products come in regular (sanded, oil base), no-grit (non-sanded, oil base), wax base (non-sanded, wax base), and green sweep (recycled, non-petroleum). Application is simple as spreading the product over the dirty area in question and sweeping with a push broom. The use of sweeping compounds will result in cleaner floors and prevention of inhaling irritable dust during the cleanup process. Tank Depot Sweeping Compounds are manufactured with raw materials and comes in either red or green for spot-free sweeping. The different compounds come in either box or drum depending on quantity amount and range in size from 25 lb. box to a 300 lb. drum.

The regular sweeping compound is the most popular product line, comprised of sand acting as an abrasive to loosen grim and dirt. The regular is best suited for unfinished, wood and concrete floors. The most common locations industrial construction sites, warehouses, factories, boat yards, and garages where heavy-duty cleaning is essential.

Non-abrasive sweeping compound is safe to use on any floor without scratches. The no-grit compound is perfect to use on wood, tile, terrazzo, and finished concrete floors. The no-grit is ideal for dirt and dust collection in stores, warehouses, institutions, churches, restaurants, factories, schools and homes.

Non-sanded, wax base sweeping compound conditions as it cleans to keep finished floors looking new. Commonly used on painted and varnished floors, tile, terrazzo, wood, concrete and waxed floors. The wax base compound is used by schools, churches, museums, gyms and all fine floors.

Tank Depot Green Sweep is the only 100% USDA certified “GREEN” sweeping compound available on the market! A compound for the environmentally conscious is made from recycled content and contains no petroleum ingredients. It is available sanded or non-sanded, safe for all floors, and performs to the same standards as traditional petroleum oil base sweeping compounds.

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Floor Sweeping Compound
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