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Lancaster Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System 35 GPD


Lancaster Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System 35 GPD

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Part Number: 7-LRO-35

Weight: 22 lbs.
Ships From: PA
Status: Available for Order

Lancaster Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

The Guardian Reverse Osmosis water system reduces minerals and contaminants found in common tap water. A four-stage system filters water at the molecular level resulting in clean, fresh, and better tasting water.

  • Clean sparkling-clear water
  • More flavorful coffee and tea
  • Crystal clear ice cubes
  • Great for use in cooking of soups and sauces
  • Fresh clean water at your tap, no need to use bottled water
  • Convenient and cost effective
  • Environmentally sound water treatment
  • Easy to change filters and membrane


  • Is designed to filter large particles, such as rust, silt or scale
  • Contains carbon which is designed to reduce chlorine
  • Extends life of the R.O. membrane
  • Reduces particles too small for prefilter to catch
  • Microscopic pores allow hydrogen and oxygen (water) molecules to pass through
  • Reduces TDS and other contaminants from your drinking water
Final Polishing
  • Final filtering before the tap
  • Two carbon filters reduces any tastes and odors
  • Gives your water a final "polish" for clean fresh tasting water
  • Stores up to 2 gallons of clean fresh water
  • Automatic shut-off for a constant supply of clean water

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