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  • Ozone Pure Water System for 200 to 1000 Gallon Tanks
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Ozone Pure Water System for 200 to 1000 Gallon Tanks

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Add Optional Manual Air Dryer for Ozone Pure Water System ($98)
Part #: LO-AirDryer
Add Solar Kit for Ozone Pure Water Systems 300 mg/h ($598)
Part #: LO-SolarKit300
Part Number: LO-300P24V

Weight: 7 lbs.
Ships From: CO

Ozone Pure Water System for 200 to 1,000 Gallon Tanks

Lifeline's Pure Water system eliminates microbes including, bacteria, virus, cysts, spores, aerobic and anaerobic that cause bad taste, odor, and slime.  Any of these present potential health hazards. In addition the system sanitizes your tank as well as the air above the water line ensuring continued purity.  All without unnatural chemicals like chlorine which remains in the water after treatment.

Range: 200 to 1,000 Gallons, max depth 20'
Voltage: AC/DC 24V
AMPs/Watts: 5 AMP / 12 Watts
Ozone Output: 300 mg/h
Solar Kit: Available
Benefits: Continuous Duty
Air Pump
Internal Fan
Optional Manual Air Dryer Recommended