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Snyder 300 Gallon Narrow Storage Tank / Doorway Tank


Snyder 300 Gallon Narrow Storage Tank / Doorway Tank

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Part Number: SII-WC1
Capacity: 300 Gallons
Size: 62"L x 29"W x 50"H
Weight: 180 lbs.
Ships From: CA

Snyder Industries Water Closet Tanks

This tank is a mere 29" wide and 62" long. It can pass through a standard 30" doorway and conveniently fit into a basement or closet. This tank is ideal for low producing wells or potable water storage. The unique molded through structure eliminates the need for metal bracing commonly associated with tanks of this type. Tanks are molded in natural color (translucent) to allow liquid level viewing without the need for a separate sight gauge or meter.

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