ECOROCK Septic Treatment

The ECOROCK unit is a small-sized wastewater treatment plant that caters to applications for 6 to 30 persons.

The ECOROCK system functions as a two-stage treatment plant. The raw sewage first enters a Primary tank to provide pre-separation and initial breakdown of organic solids. The wastewater then passes through an effluent filter before discharging into the ECOROCK unit itself, which incorporates the aerobic filtration process.

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How ECOROCK plants work

1. Primary Tank

The Primary Tank clarifies the raw sewage by dividing fats, oils, greases and organic solids. The sewage then passes through an effluent filter, before discharging into the ECOROCK reactor.

2. Bioreactor

The Bioreactor purifies further the pretreated wastewater with a biological process. To naturally treat the wastewater, our systems use our unique ECOROCK Media, an exclusive and very efficient carrier material for bacteria.

3. Discharge

Depending on the ground type, effluent will be discharged by gravity, or by a pump.

What people are saying

“Through the use of fixed film bio filters, we have the ability to create cleaner outputs and regenerate our water sources. Imagine a world where one household can contribute over 200,000 gallons of clean effluent water each year back into aquifers with the least amount of environmental impact. This has the potential to completely eliminate water scarcity in the United States.”

- John Clanton

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