HiBlow HP-80 Septic Air Pump

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HiBlow HP-80 Septic Air Pump

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The HiblowHP-80 septic air pump is one of the most commonly used aerators for aerobic septic systems. Your aerobic septic system is able to operate efficiently when it has a powerful aerator to push oxygen into the water and get rid of sewage and effluent. This oxygen aids the waste eating bacteria that keep your system from breaking down and ensures that the water quality of your septic system is high. 

  • For systems designed to treat 500 to 600 gallons of water per day, your aerobic septic system needs an air pump that is able to push air at an astronomical rate.
  • The Hiblow HP-80 septic air pump has an airflow rate of 80 liters per minute, making it one of the most efficient air pumps available. 
  • Operating at only 71 watts with an oil-free design, this aerator will keep your energy bill low while helping your water and environment stay clean.
  • This aerator is also one of the quietest air pumps on the market, so you can run it all day and night without noise levels rising above 36 decibels.
  • The Hiblow HP-80 septic air pump is constructed with weatherproof materials that have thermal protection, allowing you to use the pump outdoors without fear of damage from the elements.
  • This aerator is easy to service, and it has a linear diaphragm design that makes it simple for you to replace any parts or fix any damage without it costing you an arm and a leg.
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Key Specs
Length 13"
Width 13"
Height 10"
Weight 15lbs
Manufacturer Septic Sewage Pumps
Manufacturer Part Number HP80
Shipping Height 10"
Shipping Length 13"
Shipping Weight 15.4lbs
Shipping Width 13"
Ship Class UPS
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