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Rain Harvesting

RAIN HARVESTING is a market leading Australian company, specializing in products that harvest rain water.

Rainwater harvesting involves the collection and storage of rainwater run-off from your roof, which can then be used inside and outside your home or business.  It's a simple concept with effective results.

At RAIN HARVESTING, we design, manufacture and wholesale a high quality range of sustainable water products for both the Australian and USA Markets.

As the driest continent, Australia has long recognized rainwater harvesting as a critical to our survival.  RAIN HARVESTING has led the revolution in Australia's sustainable water industry and is a leader in innovation and new product development. 

Why RAIN HARVESTING will make a difference

Water is one of the most critical resources that we need to survive.

Unfortunately, water shortages are a reality and will continue to become more common in the future, even for modern urban societies.  RAIN HARVESTING has recognized that the United States and Australia share similar climatic conditions which produce the need to establish alternative water supplies.

Rainwater harvesting is a simple way for everyone to conserve high quality water and work towards a sustainable future. 

By harvesting rainwater, we can all bring about significant economic, social and environmental benefits.  Rainwater harvesting:

  • Reduces reliance on centralized water systems
  • Is more efficient than relying on municipal dam and catchment supply
  • Uses less water infrastructure which reduces carbon emissions
  • Collects high quality water that would otherwise be lost
  • Saves money on water bills

Using RAIN HARVESTING products in conjunction with a rainwater tank/cistern will ensure safe, reliable, high quality water.  There is no better quality water than rainwater.