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Rainwater Hog

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Rainwater HOGs make it easy to fit useful volumes of rainwater storage in the tightest spaces.  The HOG solution is novel: slim, easily handled modules, designed for 20 years of useful life, fit into small spaces and screw together to provide rainwater storage in increments of 50 gallons.

Rainwater HOGs decentralize rainwater storage: their slim profile means water can be stored at each downspout and used locally.  A single large cistern requires reticulated pipework linking all the downspouts to the tank and then back to the irrigated areas,  often involving expensive installation and maintenance and a lot of garden replanting.  The HOG system avoids such installation and maintenance costs with a smart, modular, slim design.

The best part is that the storage capacity can be structured to suit an existing budget and planned rainwater reuse, and expanded any time.  Our largest installation to date is 114 HOGs for a total of 5,700 gallons using rainwater to flush toilets and irrigate gardens.  Whether you install them horizontally, vertically or even on their long side as water-filled bench seating, Rainwater HOG modules are adaptable to almost any situation.

The modular screw together fittings combined with the robust ¼ inch (6mm) wall thickness of the HOG tank mean you can use the modules over and over, redeploying them to suit your changing requirements.