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People who have extensive experience in septic system design, installation, and maintenance have developed the SepAerator™. For more than 50 years the practice of introducing sufficient amounts of oxygen into a wastewater tank has proven to provide a perfect growing environment for aerobic bacteria. The SepAerator™, utilizing this very effective technology, changes the dynamic of an existing septic tank from anaerobic bacterium (bacteria that grows without oxygen) to aerobic bacterium (bacteria that need oxygen). This aerobic bacterium will effectively process the wastewater inside an existing septic tank, dramatically changing the 70 to 80% Raw Sewage normally discharging from a septic tank, to a clear and odorless discharge. In many cases this aerobic bacterium will remove as much as 90% of the sewage contaminates before tank discharge occurs.

Some of this rapidly growing aerobic bacterium will be flushed out of the existing septic tank, with the clear and odorless discharge, and very quickly begin causing the same cleansing process that has been occurring in the septic tank, to happen in the secondary treatment system.

For years the 70 to 80% Raw Sewage that left the existing septic tank has built up in the secondary treatment system, which results in premature failure. Some expert studies show that the average life expectancy of a septic tank and subsurface seepage system is 9 years. This premature failure can cost many thousands of dollars for a complete system replacement. Extensive construction damage to beautifully landscaped yards could take years to replace. An inexpensive solution to those problems, called the SepAerator™, is available today and is very simple to install on any existing septic tank.