Original Rainwater Pillow 725 Gallon Urethane Rainwater Pillow Tank

Manufacturer Part

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725 Gallon Original Rainwater Pillow Kit

Designed to be placed under a deck, porch or scrawl space, the Original Rainwater Pillow is a water collection system that can be used for all outdoor applications involving either potable or non-potable water. We offer standard sizes, but can also custom manufacture any size of pillow to meet your needs. Suitable uses include sprinkler and drip irrigation, fire suppression, and potable water systems.
The 725 gallon standard Original Rainwater Pillow kit includes the following:
Inflatable Collection Pillow:
  • Size Dimensions: 10' L x 6' W x (2' fill height)
  • 2 Filters (9 x 9)
  • 1/2 Horse Power Pump
  • Remote Control
  • Installation Manual & DVD
Fittings Included:
  • 1x 3” FPT Fill Flange
  • 1x 2” NPRV/Overflow
  • 1 x 2” Side drain
  • Total Kit Weight: 94 lbs.
Prior to placing your Original Rainwater Pillow into any location, ensure that the space is flat, smooth, and unobstructed from items that may potentially puncture the water-inflated pillow. Do not inflate your Original Rainwater Pillow while any objects such as poles, supports, pipes, or any sharp, pointed objects are underneath it, as this would risk straining or puncturing the plastic sheeting material.

Material Specifications: The Original Rainwater Pillow is constructed from Reinforced Polymer Alloy (polyester scrim coated on both sides with PVC polymer) and features Radio Frequency welded seams for maximum durability.

  • Fabric Weight: 6.5 oz. sq. yard
  • Total Weight: 30 oz. sq. yard
  • Breaking Strength: 550 lbs. per inch
  • Tear Force Maximum Resistance: 80 lbs.
  • Adhesion 35 lbs./inch
  • Abrasion Resistance >2000 cycles
  • Lowest Operable Temperature: - 30 °F
  • Highest Operable Temperature: +160 °F
  • Pillow material complies with both FDA and NF61 standards for potable water storage
Key Specs
Lid Size 16"
Gallon Capacity 725
Lid Size 16"
Length 72"
Width 43"
Height 32"
Material Urethane
Manufacturer Original Rainwater Pillow
Manufacturer Part Number STD725
Shipping Height 32"
Shipping Length 72"
Shipping Weight 100lbs
Shipping Width 43"
Ship Class LTL