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Ace Roto-Mold Tank Lids

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These durable lids are available in a wide range of sizes from 5” to 16”.
Most are available with or without venting to suit your applications.
Injection molded from polypropylene with U.V. inhibitors ensures long life.
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  Name Part Ships From Price
2" Spin On Kelch CapA-10631IA$5.00
Breather  4" Center (for 16" Lids)Breather 4" Center (for 16" Lids)A-10529IA$10.00
Breather Only (for 8" & 12" Lids)Breather Only (for 8" & 12" Lids)
Ships In 48 Hours
5" Spin-on Spring Vented Lid5" Spin-on Spring Vented LidA-10522IA$6.00
5" Vented Lid With Spring5" Vented Lid With Spring
Ships In 48 Hours
5" Hinged Low-ProfileA-19406IA$15.00
5" Spin-on Non-Vented Lid5" Spin-on Non-Vented LidA-10523IA$6.00
5" Spin-On Lid w/ Step-Vent5" Spin-On Lid w/ Step-VentA-12110IA$7.00
5" Spin-on Non Vented Lid5" Spin-on Non Vented Lid
Ships In 48 Hours
5" Spin-on Lid With Step VentA-13709IA$10.00
7" Spin-on Spring-Vented Lid7" Spin-on Spring-Vented Lid
Ships In 48 Hours
7" Spin-on Non-Vented Lid7" Spin-on Non-Vented LidA-12415IA$17.00
7" Spin-on Lid w/ Step Vent7" Spin-on Lid w/ Step VentA-12427IA$18.00
8" Threaded Vented Lid & Ring8" Threaded Vented Lid & Ring
Ships In 48 Hours
8" Non Vented LidA-19166IA$28.00
12" Threaded Non-Vented Lid & Ring12" Threaded Non-Vented Lid & RingA-10526IA$26.00
12" Threaded Lid & Ring12" Threaded Lid & Ring
Ships In 48 Hours
16" Threaded Vented Lid & Ring16" Threaded Vented Lid & Ring
Ships In 48 Hours
16” Hinged Lid with Air BreatherA-10516$97.00
16" Non-Vented LidA-10751$59.00
22" Lid With Air Breather22" Lid With Air BreatherA-10530IA$124.00
23" Hinged Lid A-19502IA$221.00
36" Hinged Lid
Ships In 48 Hours
Long Lanyard - 16"Long Lanyard - 16"A-10534IA$1.00
Short Lanyard - 12"Short Lanyard - 12"A-10873IA$1.00
12" Self anchoring Lanyard (5",7" Lids)A-12460IA$1.00
3-1/2" lid & Lanyard AssemblyA-13108IA$6.00