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Rotoplas Water Storage Tanks

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Rotoplas vertical water storage tanks are available in green, black, & sand (tan). Tank sizes 200 - 300 gallons are tri-layer tanks which include: an inside antibacterial coated white layer preventing growth of algae, a middle solid foam layer providing structure support, and an outer UV coated layer blocking sunlight. Tanks 3500 - 1200 gallons have the same white inner layer along with the UV protected outer layer. Rotoplas tanks are available for drop ship and pick up in Texas, California & Alabama.
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Rotoplas Water Storage Tanks
Name Part Capacity Diameter Height Ships From Price
200 Gallon Plastic Water TankRP-590277200 Gallon40"42"AL, CA$428.00
300 Gallon Water Storage TankRP-590283300 Gallon36"76"AL, CA, OK$816.00
400 Gallon Plastic Water TankRP-590286400 Gallon40"80"CA, AL$783.00
500 Gallon Water Storage TankRP-590289500 Gallon48"73"AL, OK$826.00
750 Gallon Plastic Water TankRP-590292750 Gallon48"106"CA, AL$1,119.00
1000 Gallon Water Storage TankRP-5902951000 Gallon60"89"AL, OK$1,400.00
1200 Gallon Water Storage TankRP-5902981200 Gallon86"56.5"AL, OK$1,297.00
1300 Gallon Plastic Water TankRP-5903011300 Gallon60"114"CA$1,705.00
1500 Gallon Water Storage TankRP-5903041500 Gallon65"114"AL, CA$1,435.00
1600 Gallon Water Storage TankRP-5903071600 Gallon86"71"AL, OK$1,477.00
2000 Gallon Plastic Water TankRP-5903102000 Gallon96"73"AL$1,883.00
2500 Gallon Water Storage TankRP-5902742500 Gallon96"90"AL, OK$2,042.00
3000 Gallon Water Storage TankRP-5902803000 Gallon96"109"AL, OK$2,570.00
3000 Gallon Water Storage TankRP-5903133000 Gallon102"97"AL, OK$2,506.00
3500 Gallon Water Storage TankRP-5506643500 Gallon96"125"CA, AL$2,998.00
4100 Gallon Water Storage TankRP-5506654100 Gallon102"130"CA, AL$4,976.00
5000 Gallon Water Storage TankRP-5901965000 Gallon119"116"AL, OK$4,254.99
5000 Gallon Water Storage TankRP-5506665100 Gallon102"159"AL, OK$5,187.00
5000 Gallon Water Storage TankRP-5506675100 Gallon142"93"AL$4,403.00
6500 Gallon Water Storage TankRP-5506686500 Gallon120"152"CA, AL$7,224.00
8000 Gallon Water Storage TankRP-5506698000 Gallon120"183"CA$9,365.00
10000 Gallon Water Storage TankRP-55067010000 Gallon142"166.5"CA, AL$13,646.00
12000 Gallon Water Storage TankRP-55067112000 Gallon142"196.5"CA$17,689.00