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Water Storage Steel Tanks

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Our product line ranges from a storage capacity of 1,000 gallons to 1,000,000 gallons. We offer a full turnkey solution with installation included. Advantages of a steel tank versus a polyethylene tank is that UV light will not break down or discolor the tank shell, and will also not crack in below freezing conditions.

Our standard sizes are listed below sizing but if you need a different size or a special liner, give us a call or visit a store location. One of our steel tank specialists will help you design a tank of any size.

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Name Part Capacity Diameter Height Ships From Price
780 Gallon Steel Water TankCW-601S780 Gallon72"54"TXCall For Price
1535 Gallon Steel Water TankCW-602S1535 Gallon72"109"TXCall For Price
1827 Gallon Steel Water TankCW-901S1827 Gallon108"66"TXCall For Price
3453 Gallon Steel Water TankCW-902S3453 Gallon108"118"TXCall For Price
5000 Gallon Steel Water TankAMT-CA5000-WS5000 Gallon130"87"TXCall For Price
6139 Gallon Steel Water TankCW-1202S6139 Gallon144"129"TXCall For Price
9592 Gallon Steel Water TankCW-1502S9592 Gallon180"135"TXCall For Price
12000 Gallon Steel Water TankAMT-UR3D205-WS12000 Gallon205"87"TXCall For Price
13912 Gallon Steel Water TankCW-1802S13912 Gallon216"150"TXCall For Price
18800 Gallon Steel Water TankCW-2102S18800 Gallon252"156"TXCall For Price
24555 Gallon Steel Water TankCW-2402S24555 Gallon288"171"TXCall For Price
28000 Gallon Steel Water TankAMT-UR3D307-WS28000 Gallon307"87"TXCall For Price
31078 Gallon Steel Water TankCW-2702S31078 Gallon324"177"TXCall For Price
38368 Gallon Steel Water TankCW-3002S38368 Gallon360"187"TXCall For Price
50000 Gallon Steel Water TankAMT-UR3D409-WS50000 Gallon410"87"TXCall For Price
55249 Gallon Steel Water TankCW-3602S55249 Gallon432"202"TXCall For Price
64841 Gallon Steel Water TankCW-3902S64841 Gallon468"235"TXCall For Price
77000 Gallon Steel Water TankAMT-UR3D512-WS77000 Gallon512"87"TXCall For Price