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Name Part Capacity Diameter Length Width Height Ships From Price
3" Fp Ev 12 VDC 3 Sec 3 WireBAN-EV300FPIN$1,273.00
1" Female Npt FlowmeterBAN-FM100IN$724.00
1" Mnfld 2 Ev Assm-2"In-1"OutBAN-MEV102CFIN$584.00
1" Mnfld 3 Ev Assm - 2"In-1"OutBAN-MEV103CFIN$929.00
1" Mnfld 3Ev Assm 2"In 1"Out W/BrktBAN-MEV103MBIN$955.00
1" Mnfld 4 Ev Assm - 2"In-1"OutBAN-MEV104CFIN$1,255.00
1" Mnfld 5 Ev Assm - 2"In-1"OutBAN-MEV105CFIN$1,582.00
1" Manifold FlowmeterBAN-MFM100IN$724.00
2" Fp Manifold Flowmeter AssyBAN-MFM220IN$822.00
3" Fp Inductor Assy A X ABAN-MIS300AAIN$678.00
Diesel Auto Shut Off NozzleEP-ARDPT20TX$71.55
Sight Glass Kit w/ Shutoff ValveEP-ATG03ND$214.00
Diesel Nozzle SwivelEP-CDSB01TX$23.55
Diesel Nozzle SwivelEP-CDSB02TX$27.31
2" Fp Inductor Assy A X ABAN-MIS220AA33"12"IN$444.00
2" Fp Inductor Assy A X A KitBAN-MIS220AAK33"12"IN$393.00
3/4" Elec Valve 3/4Sec 3WireBAN-EV0757"4"10"IN$302.00
1" Fp Elec Valve 3/4Sec 3WireBAN-EV100FP7"4"10"IN$302.00
1-1/4" Elec Valve 3/4Sec 3WireBAN-EV1257"4"10"IN$302.00
1-1/2" Electric ValveBAN-EV1507"4"10"IN$442.00
2" 3 Wire On/Off Elec ValveBAN-EV2007"4"10"IN$427.00
3/4" Reg Elec Vlv 4Sec 4WireBAN-EVR0757"4"10"IN$403.00
1" Reg Elec Vlv 4Sec 4WireBAN-EVR100FP7"4"10"IN$388.00
1-1/4" Reg Elec Vlv 4Sec 4WireBAN-EVR1257"4"10"IN$465.00
1-1/2" Reg Elec Vlv 4Sec 4WireBAN-EVR1507"4"10"IN$493.00
2" Reg Elec Vlv 4Sec 4WireBAN-EVR2007"4"10"IN$386.45
1" Manifold Ev 3/4 Sec 3 WireBAN-MEV100CF7"4"10"IN$302.00
2" 3 Wire On/Off Manifold ValvBAN-MEV200CF7"4"10"IN$442.00
3" Manifold Ev 12 VDC 3 Sec 3 WireBAN-MEV300CF7"4"10"IN$1,273.00
1" Mnfld Reg Ev 4Sec 4WireBAN-MEVR100CF7"4"10"IN$403.00
2" Manifold Reg Elec Vlv 4Sec 4WireBAN-MEVR200CFPB7"4"10"IN$425.00
2" Full Port Electric ValveBAN-EV204FP7"5"11"IN$467.00
2" Fp Reg Elec Vlv 4Sec 4WireBAN-EVR204FP7"5"11"IN$555.00
2" Full Port Manifold Elec VlvBAN-MEV220CF7"5"11"IN$467.00
2" Fp Mnfld Reg Ev 4Sec 4WireBAN-MEVR220CF7"5"11"IN$515.00
Junction Box JB664-1.5H-4R8 Simplex (small HP pump)SJE-10085496"6"4"MN$122.00
Junction Box JB664-2H-5R8 Duplex (small HP pump)SJE-10085506"6"4"MN$133.00
Junction Box JB664-1.5H-3R8-1R12 Simplex (large HP pump)SJE-10085516"6"4"MN$128.00
Junction Box JB664-2H-3R8-2R12 Duplex (large HP pump)SJE-10085526"6"4"MN$144.00
Model 126 Build-A-Panel™  Single Phase, Duplex, Alternation Pump Control with OverrideSJE-1268"10"4"MN$685.00
Single Phase, Simplex, Timed Dose Pump ControlSJE-TD8"10"4"MN$883.00
Floater NFC Float SwitchRWE-60184577$110.00
Model 122 Single Phase, Duplex, Alternating Pump Control with OverrideSJE-12210"12"6"MN$1,027.00
DOC68 Base for use with Floating FilterRWE-60192276$118.00
Model 113 Single Phase, Simplex, Capacitor Start/Run Pump ControlSJE-11312"14"6"MN$944.00
Model 322 Three Phase, Duplex, Alternating Pump ControlSJE-32212"14"6"MN$2,165.00
SBA 3-45 A - 1HP w/ Bottom Strainer & Float Switch (115V)RWE-97896333$881.00
Model 123 Single Phase, Duplex, Capacitor Start/Run Pump ControlSJE-12314"16"6"MN$1,425.00
SCALA1 Twin Accessories SetRWE-99725168$704.00
PS2 Pump Shelf with Enclosure PB-253-2615719"17.5"19"CA$528.99
NFC Tank Water Level SensorRWE-60184570$118.00
Polylok Pre-Assembled Pump Basin - One UnitPL-PS4022.75"22.75"40.75"CT, CT$1,380.00
PS3 Pump Shelf with Enclosure PB-253-2879023.25"23"27.75"CA$1,993.00
6" dia. x 18" screen N-V pump filter for turbine w PVC screenSTF-NV06-18-x.xx6"18"MI$120.00
6" dia. x 18" screen N-V pump filter for turbine w PVC screen & internal flow inducerSTF-NV06-18-x.xxBP6"18"MI$137.00
6" dia. x 18" screen N-V pump filter for turbine w 316L stain. steel scrSTF-NV06-18-x.xxSS6"18"MI$145.00
6" dia. x 24" screen N-V pump filter for turbine w PVC screenSTF-NV06-24-x.xx6"24"MI$130.00
6" dia. x 24" screen N-V pump filter for turbine w Pleated 3/32" ScreenSTF-NV06-24-x.xxPL6"24"MI$265.00
6" dia. x 30" screen N-V pump filter for turbine w PVC screen & internal flow inducerSTF-NV06-30-x.xx6"30"MI$169.00
6" dia. x 36" screen N-V pump filter for turbine w PVC screen & internal flow inducerSTF-NV06-36-x.xx6"36"MI$195.00
6" dia. x 42" screen N-V pump filter for turbine w PVC screen & internal flow inducerSTF-NV06-42-x.xx6"42"MI$208.00
Pleated SF for dual pumps 24 (SDR35 intake fitting)STF-2STEP24X1-SDR3510"24"MI$405.00
Pleated SF for dual pumps 24 (sewer pipe intake fitting)STF-2STEP24X1-SP10"24"MI$405.00
Pleated SF for dual pumps 24 (sewer pipes included)STF-2STEP24X1-WP10"24"MI$460.00
Pleated SF for dual pumps 48 (SDR35 intake fitting)STF-2STEP48X1-SDR3510"48"MI$560.00
Pleated SF for dual pumps 48 (sewer pipe intake fitting)STF-2STEP48X1-SP10"48"MI$560.00
Pleated SF for dual pumps 48 (sewer pipes included)STF-2STEP48X1-WP10"48"MI$620.00
Def Pump Bracket AssemblySII-347023460 Gallon24"4"6"IL$110.00
Def Pump Kit 12 VoltSII-359028970 Gallon18"6"12"IL$1,255.00
Universal Pump Bracket W/ Hardware KitSII-347024310 Gallon12"12"4"IL$78.00
Side Mount Pump PackageSII-347023020 Gallon40"12"5"IL$2,234.00
1In Pump Inlet Plumbing KitSII-347023050 Gallon12"18"8"IL$171.00
Def Pump Kit 110 VoltSII-359029420 Gallon18"18"12"IL$1,557.00
Top Mount Pump PackageSII-347023030 Gallon40"18"5"IL$2,241.00
Wall Mount Pump PackageSII-347023040 Gallon40"18"5"IL$2,522.00