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Ace Roto-Mold Septic/Cistern Tank Accessories

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Den Hartog Industries' exclusive Secure-Seal Septic & Cistern Accessories provide a safe and reliable way to secure your tank and protect your family, health, property, and investment.

Access Extensions and Covers are custom roto-molded using high-density polyethylene with U.V. inhibitors. They feature a stop-bead and backup dam along with a custom Nitrile rubber gasket to ensure a water-tight seal. Secure seals prevent contents from escaping tank and prevent excess rainwater from entering and flooding tank. This protects both your drinking water and your property!

Locking Design
All covers and extensions lock onto the tank body and to each other using three bayonet keys. Nylon ties can be used to lock covers through the locking ears without using metal fasteners that can corrode and fail. Locking your tank prevents unauthorized access and accidents.  Ace Roto-Mold's Secure-Seal accessories keep your family, health, property, and investment safe and secure.

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