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Tijeras Rain Barrels Cubo Series

Tijeras Rain Barrels Cubo Series

The Cubo Series Rain Barrel
The Cubo brown rain barrel has all of the essential elements plus extra features for effective rainwater collection, storage, and distribution. This rain barrel holds 55, 100, or 200 gallons and has vertical parallel sides which offer less resistance to expanding ice than constricting shapes. Plus, the cylindrical shape allows a very high hoop strength for the quantity of resin used.
A zinc garden drain valve is standard and an internal overflow tube provides the necessary release of excess water through a drain outlet inset in the base of the barrel. Thermal welded fittings and seamless construction both serve to prevent water leakage. The Cubo is built with UV protection additive and is FDA approved for potable water. The dark brown color helps to minimize algae growth and the built-in color pigment eliminates future paint chipping.
The canale top is securely held to the main barrel body by (4) sets of embedded aluminum threaded inserts, black steel set screws, and zinc-plated wing nuts. Attaching the lid securely is important in making your rain barrel resistant to children or animal interference and safety. The "wagon-wheel" lid design has an inset reinforced screened inlets to keep out mosquitoes, insects, organic debris, and small animals but allows rain water in easily. The canale style top is especially well suited to capture free-falling rain water from your flat roofed home. The large collection area of the canale top is necessary because falling water “spreads out” as it falls. It occupies a much larger area after it falls six to eight feet and we must be ready to capture it. If the top is not properly designed, it will cause the falling water to splash excessively.
Animal, child, and mosquito resistant.  No tools are necessary for installation and tanks arrive with all fittings installed. 

Fitting for drain valve (3/4" NPT fitting, single threaded, installed as close to bottom as possible
Fitting for primary overflow (1-1/2" NPT fitting, double threaded, installed as close to the top as possible

Cubo Series is available in:
3 sizes:
55 Gallons -  22 1/4” D x 33 3/4” H
100 Gallons – 26 3/4” D x 42” H
200 Gallons – 35 ½” D x 47” H

2 Top Styles:
Polka Dot Top
Removable Canale Top, Polka Dot Style
Pie Shaped Top
Removable Canale Top, Pie Shaped Style

Plus - includes all components necessary to capture water

13 Colors:
Standard colors