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Water Troughs & Stock Tanks

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Plastic stock water tanks are great watering troughs helping to provide a better life for livestock such as cattle, horses, sheep & pigs.  Smaller stock tanks are designed for portable livestock watering.
Plastic polyethylene stock tanks are ribbed for strength & durable enough to stand up to hot weather temperatures, such as the southwestern US.  They also endure extreme cold temperatures well.
Stock Watering Tanks are nestable for shipping and storage.
Round & oval plastic stock Tanks are manufactured from U.S.D.A.-compliant low-density polyethylene with U.V. inhibitors and designed for containment of liquids of up to 1.5 specific gravity.
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Water Troughs & Stock Tanks
  Name Part Capacity Diameter Length Width Height Ships From Price
Chem-Tainer 28 Gallon Round Water TankTC2218AA-BLACK28 Gallon22"18"NY$116.99
Ace / DenHartog 50 Gallon Oval Stock TankA-ARM-1011550 Gallon50"31"12"IA$78.99
Chem-Tainer 73 Gallon Round Water TankTC3024AA-BLACK73 Gallon30"24"NY$419.99
Chem-Tainer 90 Gallon Round Water TankTC3030AA-BLACK90 Gallon30"30"CA, NY$486.99
Ace / DenHartog 100 Gallon Oval Stock TankA-ARM-10116100 Gallon55"31"25"IA$98.99
Chem-Tainer 105 Gallon Round Water TankTC3624AA-BLACK105 Gallon36"24"NY$281.99
Ace / DenHartog 120 Gallon Round Stock TankA-ARM-19455120 Gallon48"24"IA$129.99
Chem-Tainer 125 Gallon Round Water TankTC3630AA-BLACK125 Gallon36"30"NY$633.99
Ace / DenHartog 150 Gallon Oval Stock TankA-ARM-10117150 Gallon75"31"25"IA$168.99
Chem-Tainer 155 Gallon Round Water TankTC3636AA-BLACK155 Gallon36"36"CA$350.99
Ace / DenHartog 320 Gallon Round Stock TankA-ARM-10138320 Gallon72"24"IA$218.99
Ace / DenHartog 610 Gallon Round Stock Tank
Ships Immediately!
9504-A-ARM-10139610 Gallon96"24"TX$349.99
Ace / DenHartog 610 Gallon Round Stock TankA-ARM-10139610 Gallon96"24"IA$328.99
920 Gallon Green Poly Round Stock TankA-ARM-10135920 Gallon106"29"IA$447.99