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Plastic Elliptical Leg Tanks

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Elliptical leg tanks are designed to provide the greatest capacity with the lowest center of gravity, making it the best design available for transporting larger volumes. Elliptical leg tanks feature molded-in legs and flow-through baffles which work together to reduce sloshing and provide increased stability during transport. All elliptical leg tanks require full length bottom support as well as support bands.

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Plastic Elliptical Leg Tanks
  Name Part Capacity Length Width Height Ships From Price
335 Gallon Elliptical Poly Leg TankN-42339335 Gallon71"48"33"OH, OK, CA$429.99
535 Gallon Elliptical Poly Leg TankN-42353535 Gallon80"57"39"OH, OK, CA, IA$599.99
1035 Gallon Elliptical Poly Leg TankN-401911035 Gallon89"79"53"MN, OH, UT$999.99
1035 Gallon Free Standing Leg Tank (Elliptical)
Ships Immediately!
9513-A-FS1035-781035 Gallon87.75"78"54.5"TX$1,199.99
1035 Gallon Free Standing Leg Tank (Elliptical)A-FS1035-781035 Gallon87.75"78"54.5"IA$998.99
1235 Gallon Elliptical Poly Leg TankN-402391235 Gallon128"66"53"MN$1,499.99
1335 Gallon Elliptical Poly Leg TankN-429271335 Gallon126"66"55"MN, OH$1,530.99
1610 Gallon Free Standing Leg TankA-FS1610-781610 Gallon139"78"56"IA$1,998.99
1635 Gallon Elliptical Poly Leg TankN-403871635 Gallon142"71"57"MN, OH, UT, OK, GA, CA, TX$1,839.99
1850 Gallon Horizontal Leg TankA-FS1850-781850 Gallon139"78"63"IA$2,098.99
2035 Gallon Elliptical Poly Leg TankN-406182035 Gallon142"84"55"MN, OH, UT, OK, GA, CA, TX$2,199.99
2350 Gallon Elliptical Free Standing Leg Tank
Ships Immediately!
9539-A-FS2350-882350 Gallon146"88"62.75"OK$3,499.99
2350 Gallon Elliptical Free Standing Leg TankA-FS2350-882350 Gallon146"88"62.75"IA$3,098.99
2635 Gallon Elliptical Poly Leg TankN-405472635 Gallon140"90"71"MN, OH, UT, GA, CA$3,199.99
2750 Gallon Elliptical Free Standing Leg TankA-FS2750-882750 Gallon146"88"70"IA$3,798.99
3135 Gallon Elliptical Poly Leg TankN-406863135 Gallon151"88"76"MN, OH, UT, OK, GA, TX$3,320.99
3250 Gallon Elliptical Free Standing Leg TankA-FS3250-883250 Gallon146"88"78.75"IA$3,898.99
3750 Gallon Horizontal Leg TankA-FS3750-883750 Gallon146"88"91"IA$4,698.99
4035 Gallon Elliptical Poly Leg TankN-412674035 Gallon192"92"77"MN, OH, CA, TX$5,599.99
4250 Gallon Horizontal Leg Tank
Ships Immediately!
9539-A-FS4250-884250 Gallon146"88"101"OK$5,899.99
4250 Gallon Horizontal Leg TankA-FS4250-884250 Gallon146"88"101"IA$5,198.99