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Waste Caddy

Todd Waste Caddy - Portable Pump-Out Station
Todd Waste Caddy
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Todd Waste Caddy
28 Gallon Capacity
Size: 22.5"L x 27.5"W x 41"H
Part: P93-2402
Ships From: RI
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Online Price: $1,045.00

Waste Caddy - Portable Pump-Out Station

Waste not; want not... the Todd Waste Caddy is an easy, inexpensive way to remove waste...

What does it do? The Todd Waste Caddy pumps out a holding tank. It is the only portable pump-out device on the market.

Why buy the Todd Waste Caddy?
For Marinas... Many small marinas do not have pump-out stations. Others do at only one location on the dock. Thus, many times there is a line and one must wait to pump-out the tank. With the Todd Waste Caddy, the pump-out station comes to the boat, rather than the boat having to go to the pump-out station. In addition, many times a boat owner will contact the marina and request that their holding tank be pumped out. This usually involves starting up the boat and moving it to the pump-out station. With the Todd Waste Caddy, the need for moving the boat to pump-out the tank is eliminated.

For a Retail Marine Store that Sells Boats... Many of these stores offer storage and winterizing services. When they winterize a boat, the holding tank is always pumped out. The Todd Waste Caddy offers an easy, efficient way to pump-out a holding tank when storing or winterizing a boat.

For the Consumer... Many boat owners have their own dock. Rather than having to go to a nearby marina with a pump-out station, the boat owner can pump the holding tank out by himself.

How does it work? Where it says waste on the boat, open the flap There is a female thread there. At the bottom of the Waste Caddy there is an on/off ball valve and a quick disconnect. Take the male threaded end of the quick disconnect and screw it tightly into the female waste fitting on the deck. Attach this male threaded end to the quick disconnect moving the wings into the up position tightly. Move the yellow valve handle from the horizontal to the vertical position opening the valve. Move the handle of the guzzler pump on the top of the unit up and down to activate the pump. When you hear the pump begin to suck air, the tank is empty. Move the yellow valve handle back to the horizontal position closing the valve Undo the quick disconnect by putting the wings down and unscrew the male threaded end.

How do you evacuate the Waste Caddy? There are 2 ways to evacuate the Waste Caddy. First, the standard Waste Caddy works with gravity. If you can bring the unit to an accepted containment area that is below the unit. Simply bring the unit to this place and pull on the slide valve located at the bottom of the Waste Caddy. When the slide valve is pulled the unit will empty. If you are not able to empty the unit in this manner, we recommend using a macerator pump which can be used in non-gravity feed situations.