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Rain Harvesting - Downspout First Flush Water Diverter Kit 3"

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Part Number: 9513-RH-WDDS99
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Product Overview

Downspout First Flush Water Diverter Kit

A simple and effective first flush water diverter that requires minimal maintenance. Installed at the gutter downpipe or via a T-junction to a new or existing system of 3" diameter PVC downpipes. Add the appropriate length of pipe based on the quantity of water you wish to divert. It is preferable to fit the longest length chamber as possible to ensure better quality water. Install from the roof gutter and after the rain head, to within 15cm above the ground to allow easy access to the end cap.
The diverters are supplied in kit form and come with everything needed to complete installation - just add the length of PVC pipe required to form the diverter chamber.
Instead of flowing to the water tank, pollutants are diverted with the initial flow of water into the chamber of the water diverter. The first flush water diverters utilize a dependable ball and seat system - a simple automatic system that does not rely on mechanical parts or manual intervention. As the water level rises in the diverter chamber the ball floats, and once the chamber if full, the ball rests on a seat inside the diverter chamber preventing any further water entering the diverter. The subsequent flow of water is then automatically directed along the top of the "T" to the collection tank.

There is an additional filter supplied with this First Flush Diverter Kit. It sits inside of the standpipe. This mini filter helps keep the line open so that the water in the standpipe may drain out slowly through the bottom. Yes, the speed at which the water leaves the standpipe is adjustable with drip regulators. Attach a drip hose to the bottom fitting and use this water too.

This chamber and filter will need to be cleaned. Unscrew the bottom fitting and everything will fallout of the chamber, including the filter and plastic ball. Carefully clean everything, put the green ball back inside the standpipe and screw bottom fitting into place.

You will need to supply the 3" diameter PVC standpipe; fittings from the downspout to the First Flush Diverter; drain hose for the bottom drain; fitting from the "T" of the First Flush Diverter to the to water containment unit.

Part Number9513-RH-WDDS99
Weight4 lbs.
ManufacturerRain Harvesting
AvailabilityIn Stock*
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Shipping FromChannelview, TX
Shipping Weight4 lbs.

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