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  • 275 Gallon IBC- CP

275 Gallon IBC- CP

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Part Number: CP-GNX275GIBC
Capacity: 275 Gallons
Size: 40"L x 48"W x 46"H
Ship Weight: 171 lbs.
Product Weight: 126 lbs.

Ships From: IA

  • 3-Ribbed Top Profile – Specially profiled 3-ribbed structure for higher weld contacts.
  • Higher Dynamic Stack Performance – All 20 verticals connected totop ring by Anti-vibration Braces (AVB), in addition to welding Exceptional dynamic stack performance.
  • Aligned for Top Performance – Top cross bars and respectiveverticals aligned for a box structure. Upgrades IBC for top lift capability with reinforced cage. (Available on special request)
  • Neat & Rust-free Drip Pan – Plastic drip pan. Prevents corrosion /rust formation.
  • Easy Pallet Truck Access – 4 way composite pallet, designed foreasy access to pallet trucks.
  • New Plastic Pallet – New plastic pallet without in-built steel bridge. Steel reinforcement attached separately. Better performance andeco-friendly recycling possible.
  • Robust Corners – Higher & more stable dynamic stack performance.
  • Ground Conductivity – Specially bolted for ground earth contact. EHS compliant.
  • Large Weld Area – Vertical open flange open folded for bigger weld area, better flexibility, EHS compliant.
  • Less Bulging – Long side verticals scientifically aligned, move forwards centre. Lesser bulging.
  • Higher Clinch Performance – Clinching position rearranged scientifically on sides. Higher resistance to clinch opening on drop.
  • Press-fit Sleeve – Press fit new clinch sleeve. EHS compliant and branding opportunity.
  • Safety Guard – Protectors for cage end near drip area, EHS compliant.
  • Bigger Dog-house Area – Easy valve replacement on used IBCs. Reconditioner’s friendly.