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  • Rainwater Hog 50 Gallon Modular Catchment Tank
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Rainwater Hog 50 Gallon Modular Catchment Tank

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Part Number: RAINHOG
Capacity: 50 Gallons
Size: 9.5"L x 20"W x 71"H
Weight: 40 lbs.
Ships From: WA

The Rainwater HOG is a 50 gallon storage module which can be linked horizontally or vertically for collecting rainwater. Each HOG joins to the next - so you can start with a few units for irrigation purposes then extend the number of modules to allow toilet flush, as an example, from the HOGs as well. HOGs are designed to screw together - and screw apart for reuse. This means you can change your rain storage capacity as your needs change.

The Rainwater HOG is made of high density polyethylene that can withstand temperature extremes of between -30°C/22°F to +60°C/140°F and has been designed to withstand the hot Australian sun and has a UV stabilizer added - UV8, the maximum UV protection for polyethylene.

The Rainwater HOG can be installed vertically or horizontally, such as under a deck or beneath the floor boards and can be installed underground or above ground, and inside a building or outside. Recent tests have shown that the HOG outperforms concrete when it comes to improving a building's thermal mass capabilities and an independent evaluation of the Rainwater HOG has shown that you can gain up to nine LEED points by the installation of the HOG in either a new building or renovation project.

Each Rainwater HOG is supplied with a connector kit to join up further units
and an air vent for the top of each tank. Optional accessories include a Wall
Kit (to attach the HOGs to a wall) and an Inlet Outlet Kit (to stop debris from
the roof getting into the tank and to allow easy access to the water from the

Tank plastic complies with FDA and HPB regulatory standards for food contact. Listed by National Sanitation Foundation for Standards 51 and 61.
Connections approved for potable water applications AS4020.

Color: Bronze Olive
Dimensions 9 1/2 x 71 x 20"
Wall thickness: 1/8 inch
Tensile Strength: 2550psi
Deflection temp@ 66psi: 142F
Peak melting: 261F
Weight: empty 40lb/ full440lb