PVC Commercial Grade Butterfly Valve - Gray - Socket x Socket - 4-Inch (6/Cs)

Manufacturer Part

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PVC Commercial Grade Butterfly Valve

  • Size(s): 2-Inch, 2-1/2-Inch, 3-Inch, 4-Inch, 6-Inch, 8-Inch
  • Color(s): Gray
  • End Connection(s): Flange (Socket)
  • Schedule: Suitable for both SCHEDULE 40 and 80 pipe
  • Working Pressure: 200 PSI @ 73° F
  • Functionality: Handle adjust with position indicator
  • Installation: Flange, bolt, and PVC glue
  • Material Body: Virgin PVC
  • Material Handle: ABS
  • Material O-Ring: EPDM
  • Material Seat(s): FPM (NBR)
  • Material Stem: Grade 410 Stainless Steel
  • Material Bolt, Pin, Spring: Grade 304 Stainless Steel

Product Description


PVC Butterfly Valves with Flanges & Bolts are a complete, commercial plumbing solution for corrosion resistant water and fluid handling applications.  Suitable for higher pressure applications that demand easy-turn handles, long duration of use, and additional durability than that offered by other thermoplastic valves.

Designed with a full-body liner throughout the inner flow channel, our Thermoplastic Butterfly Valve keeps process media away from the valve body with a single, uninterrupted layer of protection.  This design advantage ensures additional duration of use and a water tight seal between the portion of the EPDM liner that wraps up the valve body and the bolted flanges.

Our insistence upon using the highest quality raw materials ensures solid component parts, finished edges, and impact resistance above and beyond the competition.  Our handle is significantly reinforced to prevent failure or breaking.  A Squeeze-Release trigger and notched position indicator (Top of the valve) lock the handle into place, allowing for consistent flow rates.

Industries: Aquaponics, aquarium, commercial plumbing, drainage, fluid handling, fountain, graywater, industrial & scientific, irrigation, pond, pool, ranch, spa, sprinkler, water harvesting, water tank

Corrosion resistant thermoplastic body, a handle with position indication, and high quality

  • Utilize EASY quarter-turn operation for turning on, controlling, and turning off water flow
  • Added durability, thick walls, and reinforced handle
  • High-quality stainless steel internal valve stem for added strength
  • Full-body liner provides a watertight seal without dripping or leakage
  • Ribbed EPDM liner provides three layers of connection between the seat and flange
  • Can be used for BOTH Schedule 40 (Sch 40) and 80 (Sch 80) applications
  • Flanges glue directly onto pipe
  • Standard connection ports allow for retrofitting projects
  • Virgin, high-quality material is used throughout the valve
  • Comes ready to install with valve (1), flanges (2),
Key Specs
Length 16"
Width 15"
Height 9"
Manufacturer Red Flag Agriculture
Manufacturer Part Number 17040
Shipping Height 9"
Shipping Length 16"
Shipping Weight 17lbs
Shipping Width 15"
Ship Class UPS