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Home Water Requirements

Use Flow rate
Total use
US Gallons)
Adult or child   50-100/day
Automatic washer 5 30-50/load
Dishwasher 2 7-15/load
Garbage Disposer 3 4-6/day
Kitchen sink (a) 3 2-4/use
Shower or tub 5 25-60/use
Toilet flush 3 4-7/use
Bathroom lavatory sink 2 1-2/use
Water softener regeneration 5 50/100/cycle
Backwash filters 10 100-200/backwashing
Outside hose faucet 5 5 gpm X minutes used

(a) water flow restricting valves and shower heads can reduce flow and water use by up to 50%.

  Source: USDA "Water Systems Handbook."