Oil Spotter Auto System

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SJE Oil Spotter™ Auto

Control and Alarm Systems for Oil/Water Environments Controls one single phase pump and provides a convenient location to connect all wiring for pump applications.

The SJE Oil Spotter™ Auto control and alarm system is designed to monitor and control oil/water environments and provides a convenient location for all wiring required for an indoor simplex pump application.

The SJE Oil Spotter™ Auto panel employs a terminal block for one 120 VAC pump, a 120 VAC oil containment valve and a 120 VAC water drain valve. Another terminal block is for wiring the SJE Oil Spotter™ Auto probe, high water alarm float, and auxiliary alarm connection. The panel includes an Auto/Hand pump switch and Water/Drain selection switch (functions in hand mode only).

In normal operation, the pump will turn on and off as the water level activates the probes (5 inch pump range). If the water level rises enough to activate the high water probe, a red indicator will illuminate and activate the auxiliary contacts. If the oil level reaches the high oil float, a red indicator will illuminate and activate the auxiliary contacts, the pump energizes along with the valves to automatically remove contaminated water/oil into the appropriate holding vessel.

In Hand operation (spring loaded) the operator can manually pump out the water/oil from the pit. The valve selection allows the operator to choose if the valves are activated or not.

The SJE Oil Spotter™ Auto control and alarm system helps satisfy the requirements of an ASME A17.1 compliant system. Common applications include elevator sump basins, transformer vaults, leachate well applications or garages.

  • NEMA 1 rated for indoor use
  • Water/Oil Drain switch (functions in Hand mode only)
    • SJE Oil Spotter™ Auto Panel with LED indicators for:
    • High water indicator (red)
    • High oil indicator (red)
    • Pump run indicator (green)
    • Power indicator (green)
  • Oil Water Switch includes:
    • High oil float
    • High water probe
    • High water probe
    • Start probe
    • Stop probe
    • Reference probe
    • Auto/Hand switch (spring loaded to Auto)
    • Pump disconnect breaker
    • Control fuse
Technical Drawings
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Key Specs
Length 12"
Width 12"
Height 6"
Manufacturer SJE-Rhombus
Manufacturer Part Number 1038943
Shipping Height 6"
Shipping Length 12"
Shipping Weight 11lbs
Shipping Width 12"
Ship Class UPS