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Plastic Open Top Chemical Tanks


Proper chemical storage is essential for safety reasons and the longevity of the stored chemicals. Open top plastic tanks from The Tank Depot offer the ideal storage solution. While these tanks are labeled for chemicals, they can also work to store other fluids like water.

The open top water tanks are available in two flat-bottom styles: cylindrical and rectangular. You can also choose to get a cylindrical cone-shaped bottom open top plastic tank. Each of these options is broken down further.

For flat-bottom cylindrical tanks, you can choose from regular polyethylene or polypropylene tanks. The polyethylene tanks come in 2 to 6,800-gallon capacities and offer chemical and impact resistance. The polypropylene tanks have 3 to 550-gallon capacities and offer chemical and stress cracking resistance. Tank stands and covers can be bought separately. 

Another cylindrical tank is the Chem-Tainer polyethylene brine tank, designed for commercial conditioning equipment. They come in 30 to 500-gallons and offer impact and chemical resistance, are self-supporting and use black linear polyethylene for their construction.

The rectangular open top also comes in polyethylene and polypropylene plastics, both one-piece molded, eliminating seams. The polyethylene tanks come in 1 to 1,800-gallon capacities, while the polypropylene tanks range from 2 to 254 gallon-capacities. You can also buy tank covers and stainless steel support frames separately.

Lastly, there are polyethylene cone-bottom tanks. These come in 5 to 2,610-gallon capacities and are molded from a single piece of polyethylene. They offer treated corrosion resistance, are lightweight and are easy to maintain. The cone-shaped bottom makes it easy to drain the open top water tank fully. Some of the tanks come with stands, while for others you have to buy them separately.