Terms and Conditions

Order Cancellation Policy

An order can be cancelled at any time if it has not been manufactured or shipped, and if the manufacturer allows cancellations. The Customer must submit a cancellation request as found here. There may be a 25% restocking fee that is assessed at the discretion of our manufacturers.  Further, Tank Depot reserves the right to charge an additional 5% fee on all cancellations.

Some manufacturers have specific cancellation policies in addition to those listed above. The manufacturer’s cancellation policies will control if there is a conflict between Tank Depot’s policy and the manufacturer’s policy:

Chemtainer: Any product ordered which is manufactured by Chemtainer Industries cannot be cancelled once it has been produced, even if it has not been shipped.

Norwesco: Norwesco's manufacturing policy prohibits cancellations of customized tanks or tanks with special color variations once a customized tank has been manufactured (even if it has not yet been shipped). 

Ronco: No cancellations beyond 24 hours of the order being received by Ronco.

PolyLok: No cancellations permitted.

Duracast: Any product ordered which is manufactured by Duracast cannot be cancelled once it has been produced even if it has not been shipped.

Note: in most cases, the manufacturer will not allow for cancellations or returns once a tank has been manufactured (even if it has not been shipped).


Return Goods Policy

Due to the nature of our business, Tank Depot needs to maintain a strict return policy. Please note that our return policy allows for returns up to 30 days from the date of receipt. Returns submitted after this period will not be accepted. In the event of a discrepancy between Tank Depot's return policy and the manufacturer’s return policy, the manufacturer’s policy will prevail.

Should the Customer choose to return a product, they must obtain a Return Authorization Number from Tank Depot’s Customer Service Department at customerservice@acuantia.com or 800-573-6771. In some cases, an exchange can be arranged with the Customer for an identical or alternative product, where the Customer is responsible for any financial increases that are incurred. In each case, the Customer will be responsible for a 25% restocking fee assessed on the product, as well as the return shipping charges. The original shipping cost is non-refundable. The product being returned must be shipped to the location provided by the Tank Depot Customer Service representative. A bill of lading or shipping label will be generated as needed or required.  No return shipments will be accepted by Tank Depot or the manufacturer if the product has been used, or if it is not in like-new/re-sellable condition, and/or if it does not have the proper Return Authorization Number. No refunds or replacements will be issued until the product is received and inspected.  Should the return not meet these requirements, the original product will be sent back to the Customer at Customer’s expense, and all refund or exchange agreements will be null and void. Please note that we are unable to accept returns more than 30 days after the date of receipt.

If the Customer believes the product has a manufacturing defect, the Customer needs to take pictures and contact customerservice@acuantia.com or 800-573-6771 to file a warranty claim.  Warranty claims will only be accepted up to the time set forth by the manufacturer, and any claims must meet all requirements of the manufacturer's warranty for exchange or repair. It is Customer’s responsibility to review and understand the warranty policies and requirements associated with their purchase.

Upon receipt of a product, if the Customer determines the product is damagedthey should: note the damage on the proof of delivery (“POD”) document, refuse to accept shipment of the product, take pictures of the damaged product, and contact Tank Depot Customer Service immediately at customerservice@acuantia.com or 800-573-6771.  

If the Customer has any questions regarding the condition of the product, they should take pictures and call Tank Depot Customer Service, 800-573-6771 while the driver is still there and before signing the delivery receipt.  The Customer Service Representative will request the pictures.

If the Customer finds what they believe to be damage to the product after the delivery, they must take pictures of the damaged product and contact Tank Depot Customer Service at customerservice@acuantia.com or 800-573-6771 within 5 business days of delivery to file a damage claim. Replacements for or repair to alleged damaged products will be determined by the outcome of the claim made with the shipping carrier. 

Products may become soiled or acquire surface scuffs and scrapes while in transit. These superficial marks do not impact the product's structural integrity or void the warranty; and therefore, such marks do not constitute damage. Any claims alleging damage for products which are merely soiled or superficially scuffed or scrapped will be refused.  

Our products leave our vendors in good condition. It is important that the Customer thoroughly examine the products for damage. If there is no notation or documentation of damage listed on the signed POD document, Tank Depot will not be responsible or liable.  By signing the POD, the Customer certifies that the product has been received and inspected and is of acceptable quality. Once the POD document has been signed, and if there is no notation or documentation of damage listed, the Customer is responsible for filing a claim directly with the shipping carrier; however, Tank Depot Customer Service is happy to assist with this process if needed.

Tank Depot is not liable or responsible for freight damage incurred if our designated shipping carrier is not used. If the Customer opts to use their own shipping carrier and damage occurs, the Customer is responsible for filing a claim with their carrier directly.

Refunds will only be issued after all requirements in this Return Goods Policy have been completed and fulfilled.


Tax Exemptions

Customers are responsible for the payment of all taxes imposed on their orders where required by law. Tax exemptions must have been obtained prior to or at the latest by the time you place your initial order with our company. We retain the right to verify the authenticity and accuracy of the submitted tax exemption certificate and any associated documents. If Tank Depot encounters any issues with your tax exemption status or if the tax exemption has not been approved by the relevant tax authorities, we reserve the right to charge you for the entire tax amount that applies to your order.  Refunds for taxes on orders will not be granted if: (a) the exemption is received after the order has been invoiced; or (b) an orders has already been shipped, but not yet invoiced.

It is your responsibility to ensure the validity of your tax exemption certificate. If your certificate expires or becomes invalid, you must promptly provide us with a new and valid certificate to continue receiving tax exemptions.


Shipping and Pickup Policies


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Tank Depot will determine the point of origin of shipment, the method of transportation, and the routing. All freight charges are the sole responsibility of the Customer. Customers requesting shipment by a different method than the one selected by Tank Depot will be billed for any additional charges incurred. When possible, Tank Depot will attempt to make shipments per the routing or transportation method requested by the Customer but makes no guarantee. 

All added accessorial (e.g., lift-gate, re-consignment, etc.) fees will be charged to the Customer. If the product is shipped to a residential address, school, military base, farm, construction site, or any other non-business location (i.e., any location that is not a commercially zoned property with a lift gate), the shipping carriers assess a surcharge on the delivery. A representative of the Customer must be present to accept and sign for the product. Should the Customer or their representative not be present or able to receive the product, the shipment may be returned to the terminal for re-delivery.  Should there be no possibility of re-delivery, the shipment will be returned, at the Customer’s expense, to the location designated by Tank Depot Customer Service.  The Customer is responsible for unloading all product. Carriers allow a limited amount of time to offload the product. If that time is exceeded, the Customer will incur additional charges for the delay.

If the Customer chooses to use their own shipping carrier to transport the product, Tank Depot is not responsible or liable for any charges or repercussions that may be incurred due to damage or Force Majeure Events.


Truck Access Requirements

The Customer must inform Tank Depot prior to shipment if the delivery location cannot accept a 53’ delivery vehicle. Trucks up to 65’ in length may be used to deliver the product. In most cases, these trucks cannot enter private driveways or roads, as there is insufficient room to maneuver or turn around. The Customer is solely responsible for determining if the vehicle size, access restrictions or any other factors may present an issue with delivery. If there are delivery issues or restrictions, the Customer must arrange to have their order delivered to a location that meets the delivery requirements and is not restricted in any way.  Should the Customer not disclose this information during the sales process, and any issues or restrictions arise at the time of delivery, the shipping cost will be reassessed and the Customer is responsible for any additional fees incurred (including but not limited to re-delivery and/or return fees). If a re-delivery is agreed upon by the Customer and Tank Depot, then a different type of truck may be required, or the re-delivery needs to be made to a location that differs from the original address, preferably the nearest public road access.  If all delivery and re-delivery attempts fail due to vehicle size or access restrictions, Customer’s order will be subject to Tank Depot’s Return Goods Policy including all additional costs and fees. 


Force Majeure Event

Shipping dates are approximate and are based on prompt receipt of all necessary information and approvals from the Customer. Tank Depot is not liable for failure to perform or any delay in performance due to: fire, flood, strike or other labor difficulty, acts of God, pandemics, endemics, act of any governmental authority or of the Customer, riot, embargo, car shortage, wrecks or delay in transportation, inability to obtain necessary labor, materials or manufacturing facilities from usual sources or any other cause beyond Tank Depot’s reasonable control (individually, or collectively (in whole or part) these events are defined as a “Force Majeure Event”). In case of delay in performance due to a Force Majeure Event, the date of delivery or time of completion will be postponed, and the delivery will be completed as soon as reasonably possible. The Customer will be advised of any Force Majeure Event along with any updated delivery or other information when possible and within a reasonable amount of time of Tank Depot’s receipt of such information. 


Pickup Requirements

To place an order for Pickup, rather than delivery, the Customer must inform the Tank Depot Sales Representative at the time the order is made.  The term “Pickup” does NOT apply to an order where the Customer is sending their own shipping carrier to retrieve the product. The Customer will receive an email confirmation at the time of order and a subsequent email notification once the product is ready for pickup at the selected location. The Pickup option is NOT available for all products or categories of products.

The Customer, or their representative, must pick the product up or provide intent via email within 10 business days of receiving the notification stating the order is ready. Tank Depot has the right to allocate the product to a different order or return it to inventory if not picked up or intent given within that timeframe. Depending on what product was ordered, it might need to be remanufactured. Should the Customer not pick up or communicate with Tank Depot within 30 days of notification, the order will be subject to cancellation. Tank Depot is not liable for any repercussions related to failure to retrieve the product within the allotted time.