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Whenever you need to connect a pipe to a tank, you need to use a tank bulkhead fitting. These fittings are designed to allow for the free flow of liquids in and out of tanks or drums. Bulkhead fittings come in different materials, including stainless steel, PVC, polypropylene and more.

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Bulkhead Fittings

To attach a bulkhead to a tank, you cut a hole into the tank's body, where the tank bulkhead will fit. A locknut is then threaded onto the bulkhead to keep it secure and create a liquid-tight seal. All bulkhead fittings will come with detailed instructions to ensure a smooth installation.

You must always make sure you make the tank bulkhead hole the right size for the bulkhead to fit properly. A 1-inch bulkhead will require a 1-3/4-inch hole. Check the information for the tank bulkhead you need to ensure you create a big enough hole. If it is too small, the bulkhead  will not fit, while if it is too big of a hole, the bulkhead tank fitting will not create a tight seal, which can lead to leaking. 

The Tank Depot offers many different tank bulkhead fittings in different materials and sizes. The bulkhead fittings come from various top brands, including Ace/Dan Hartog, Norwesco, Banjo and others. To go with the bulkhead fittings, the Tank Depot also has manifold bolted tank fittings and Viton rubber gaskets to help create a tighter seal and further prevent any bulkhead leaking. A Viton gasket can also withstand temperatures from 15ºF up to 400ºF.