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Plastic Cone Bottom Tanks

Chem-Tainer Cone Bottom Tank Covers
Chem-Tainer Cone Bottom Tank Covers
For use with Chem-Tainer Cone Bottom Tanks

Tanks can come in different shapes, sizes and even have different bottoms. While different shapes can all work for the same application, some tank bottoms work best in specific applications. There are four possible tank bottom shapes: flat bottom, sloped bottom, dish bottom and cone bottom tanks. 

Open top cone bottom tanks are the perfect option for any application where you must completely drain the tank every time. Being able to drain the tank fully helps to prevent contamination of the new contents, as the cone-shaped bottom acts like a funnel, getting every last drop of liquid.  

For situations where a complete drain is essential,  open top cone bottom tanks are ideal. The unique cone-shaped bottom of these tanks acts like a funnel, removing every drop of liquid, so there is nothing left, minimizing the risk of contaminating new batches. This is especially important for oil and chemicals, as contamination can ruin the contents. 

The Tank Depot offers a selection of cone bottom water tanks from brands like Chem-Tainer, Ronco, Snyder, and others. They are made of high-quality polyethylene and range from 5 gallons to 2,610 gallons. Like all polyethylene tanks offered at The Tank Depot, these tanks contain U.V. Stabilizers, making them safe for outdoor use. The resin in these tanks also complies with USDA regulations 21 CFR 177.1520 (C) 3.1 and 3.2.

While some of the tanks come with a stand, others do not, but The Tank Depot offers a variety of compatible stands. If you want a cover for your open top cone bottom tanks, tank covers are also available for the Chem-Tainer tanks.