First Flush Plus Water Diverter 4"

Manufacturer Part

Supplied in kit form, the first flush diverter can be installed on your downpipes with a simple T junction. Simply add and install the length of pipe required to meet your diversion needs. This will be based on the volume of dirty, contaminated water you wish to divert.

Accuracy of the images may vary. Refer to the specifications table to ensure precision.

Protect your rainwater quality by diverting the most contaminated water that washes off your roof with the first few millimetres of rainfall using the Rain Harvesting First Flush Plus.

Key Specs
Length 4"
Width 4"
Height 12"
Weight 2lbs
Manufacturer Rain Harvesting
Manufacturer Part Number WDDP111
Shipping Height 20"
Shipping Length 20"
Shipping Weight 2lbs
Shipping Width 20"
Ship Class UPS