First Flush Primary Filter Screen

Manufacturer Part

This 1/32” micron primary filter screen helps to keep the first flush outlet clear and reduce maintenance frequency.

Accuracy of the images may vary. Refer to the specifications table to ensure precision.

The Advanced Release Valve is an electronic first flush diversion valve which is programmable
to give you greater control over the frequency of your first flush. This allows you to determine
how regularly your diversion chamber empties so that you can maximise rainwater yield without
compromising quality.
Easily retrofits to all Rain Harvesting First Flush Diverters – 3”, 4”, post/wall and inground.

Key Specs
Length 8.8"
Width 8.8"
Height 19"
Manufacturer Rain Harvesting
Manufacturer Part Number WDAC22
Shipping Height 19"
Shipping Length 8.8"
Shipping Weight 1.5lbs
Shipping Width 8.8"
Ship Class UPS