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Residential Water Tanks

Since not all places have an abundance of water, residential water storage is becoming increasingly important.

Residential Water Tanks are used for safe drinking water, rainwater harvesting, long term water storage, emergency portable water storage, fire protection, irrigation and gardening. For areas that experience heavy droughts, have frequent fires, or contain poor quality or contaminated water, having a residential water tank is necessary.

Plastic residential water tanks are the most affordable and light-weight, and they require the least amount of maintenance. Steel tanks are subject to rust and erosion, and wood tanks will rot over time. Concrete tanks are extremely heavy, expensive, and require machinery for installation.

Tank Depot’s plastic residential water tanks come from 5-10,500 gallons.

Our premium polyethylene water tanks are UV stabilized and reduce algae growth. They are maintenance free and built to last.

Tank Depot carries Specialty Water tanks for the home that can be stored in basements, closets, and other areas with height restrictions.

Our puncture-resistant portable pillow tanks are perfect for emergency storage. They take up little space, and can be used in a crawl space or under a patio deck.

We also have Rain Barrels and Rainwater Collection Systems in all shapes, sizes, colors, and varieties. Conserving rain water is a great way to help preserve the environment. (The average American uses 80-100 gallons of water a day!)

Tank Depot also has a number of water pumps, water purification systems, and other accessories required to make the best out of your Residential Water Tank.

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