Norwesco 1000 Gallon Plastic One Compartment Septic Tank - IAPMO Certified

Manufacturer Part
These septic polyethylene watertight tanks are designed for underground use only. Made in one seamless piece, they are resistant to rust, erode, soil, chemicals and sewage gases. Ready to install. Risers can be added.

Accuracy of the images may vary. Refer to the specifications table to ensure precision.

Part Configuration:

Legacy - Must be left 1/4 full at all times including installation:

Part #GallonsCompartmentsManholesPlumbing
N-44473 100011 Gasket
N-44474 100022 Gasket
N-41718 100011 Adapter
N-41720 100022 Adapter

Bruiser - No special backfill is needed. Native soil may be used:

Part #GallonsCompartmentsManholesPlumbing
N-44463 100011 Gasket
N-44464 100012 Gasket
N-41734 100021 Adapter
N-41735 100022 Adapter

Disclaimer: Tank is for below ground use only.

State Requirements & Approvals

Across the United States there are a number of health code requirements that our tanks must meet. These codes are regulated by the state. or county where you are located. To aid you in determining which tank you need. please consult with your local health department.

Septic Tank Standards:

  •   Rotationally molded. one-piece. seamless. watertight tank.
  •   Polyethylene is unaffected by soil chemicals. sewage gases.
  •   Polyethylene tanks will not rust or erode.
  •   Strict quality guidelines ensure an environmentally safe septic tank.
  •   Schedule 40 plumbing connections.
  •   Standard plumbing all local installers or contractors are familiar with.
  •   Riser extensions not included
  •   Great item for shipment; indestructible.

  • Installation Video:

    Frequently Asked Septic Tank Questions

    1. Can I install a septic tank under a driveway?
  •   No. installing the plastic septic tank under a driveway is not permitted and will void the warranty. Do not locate tanks beneath driveways or in the pathway of heavy or vehicular traffic areas.

  • 2. Is there a sand/gravel mixture recommended for bedding/backfill?
  •   Yes. the sand/gravel mixture. commonly called pea gravel mixture is recommended.

  • 3. Can I use a septic tank above ground?
  •   Underground plastic septic tanks are designed for below ground use only. Using the tanks above ground can result in deformation of the tank. It is far more cost-effective to utilize an above ground storage tank that is specifically designed for above ground use and applications.

  • 4. Can hot water be stored in plastic septic tanks?
  •   Do not subject the tank to water temperature higher than 100 deg F. polyethylene storage tanks have a maximum storage temperature of 120 deg F. Contents with a temperature in excess of 120 def F. even for a short period of time. can weaken the tanks structural integrity and make it susceptible to deformation and failure.

  • 5. How do you access an underground plastic septic tanks?
  •    Each plastic septic tank comes equipped a manhole access hatches. In addition. risers can be added to the top of the tank providing ground level access. Without a riser you would need to dig up the soil above the manway to gain accessibility.

  • 6. Can I pick up a plastic septic tank nearby?
  •   In many cases yes. To pick up a plastic septic tank and save on freight. requires you placing your order. Upon being notified that the tank is ready for pick-up. Plastic-mart will provide you with a 6 digit trip # which allows you go and pick up your tank M-F 8:30 am - 2:30 pm. Plastic-mart and the local manufacturers appreciate the opportunity to provide local pick and the cooperation required for the process to be efficient.

  • Key Specs
    Lid Size 20"
    Gallon Capacity 1000
    Lid Size 20"
    Length 102"
    Width 60"
    Height 63"
    Weight 311lbs
    Material Polyethylene
    Manufacturer Norwesco
    Manufacturer Part Number 44473
    Warranty 3 years years
    Shipping Height 63"
    Shipping Length 102"
    Shipping Weight 311lbs
    Shipping Width 60"
    Ship Class LTL
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