750 Gallon 45 Degree Plastic Vertical Cone Bottom Tank

Manufacturer Part
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Norwesco offers a full range of cone bottom tanks designed for a variety of applications. The conical bottoms enable quick and complete drainage. As with all Norwesco tanks, the cone bottom tanks are molded of rugged, high density polyethylene and are both impact and chemical resistant.

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The tank's ample 750-gallon capacity and 52-inch width offer generous storage space while minimizing footprint, ensuring efficient management of your liquid or dry storage needs with trusted durability and functionality.
  • UV inhibitors protect against direct sunlight
  • Crafted with premium-quality polyethylene, ensuring durability and resistance to impact, chemicals, and UV radiation.
  • Unique 45-degree cone bottom design ensures efficient and complete drainage, ideal for storing liquids or dry goods.
  • Great for mixing and aeration applications
  • Versatile storage solution suitable for agricultural, industrial, or commercial sectors.

Norwesco was the first polyethylene tank producer to receive NSF61 certification for potable water tanks, with certified tanks from six manufacturing facilities. Check the NSF Certification document for more details.


Key Specs
Diameter 52"
Gallon Capacity 750
Lid Size 12"
Shape Cone Bottom
Specific Gravity 1.5
Cone Degree 45
Length 52"
Width 52"
Height 105"
Weight 160lbs
Material Polyethylene
Manufacturer Norwesco
Manufacturer Part Number 41495
Shipping Height 52"
Shipping Length 105"
Shipping Weight 160lbs
Shipping Width 52"
Ship Class LTL