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Caged IBC Totes for Sale

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Caged IBC totes are handling and shipping containers that are used to store, and transport various commodities, the most common of which is water. They are created in such a way that they take up the least amount of space while storing the most amount of liquid. IBC totes are versatile, high mobility containers that are engineered for portability. Tank-Depot carries various sizes of IBC water tanks including the 275 Gallon Caged IBC Tote and 330-gallon IBC tote which has many uses throughout various industries.

Caged IBC Tote Applications

IBC totes are versatile and can be used in a variety of commercial applications to store water, food ingredients, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, sand grains, and any type of liquid. IBC tanks can also be used in unique areas such as aquaponics, general bulk storage, and the collecting of rainwater for drinking or harvesting.

Tank-Depot | IBC Totes

We have a wide selection of IBC containers to choose from, and even have a 330-gallon caged IBC tote that ships within 48 hours. Our IBC totes comply with U.S Food and Drug Administration regulations and are manufactured from FDA certified, BPA free food grade virgin high density polyethylene (HDPE). Contact us for additional product details, bulk pricing, and all your general IBC tank questions.

The rebottled IBC Tote has a reconditioned steel cage and pallet that is FDA approved. The tote is equipped with a 2” NPT valve and a threaded lid and cam lock lid.

Designed for storage and non-DOT regulated transport applications.
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Caged IBC Totes for Sale
  Name Part Capacity Length Width Height Ships From Price
330  Gallon Re-Bottled IBC Tote330 Gallon Re-Bottled IBC ToteIBC-BTL003330 Gallon40"53"54"TX$341.00
330 Gallon Caged IBC Tote (MOQ = Multiple of 10)330 Gallon Caged IBC Tote (MOQ = Multiple of 10)CC-CB4032534330 Gallon40"48"54"IN, NC, TX, CA$410.00
Quala 275 Gal Rebottled IBC ToteQuala 275 Gal Rebottled IBC Tote
Ships In 48 Hours
9518-Q-275POLY275 Gallon48"40"46"IN$364.00
275 Gallon CageBuster IBC275 Gallon CageBuster IBCSII-6998601B97204275 Gallon48"40"52"NE$680.00
330 Gallon CageBuster IBC330 Gallon CageBuster IBCSII-6998701B97204330 Gallon48"40"58.75"NE$902.00
275 Rebottled IBC Tote275 Rebottled IBC Tote
Ships In 48 Hours
A1R-A-275NB275 Gallon48"40"46"TX$280.00
275 Gallon Caged IBC Tote (MOQ = Multiple of 10)275 Gallon Caged IBC Tote (MOQ = Multiple of 10)
Ships In 48 Hours
CC-CB4029059275 Gallon40"48"46"IN, NC, TX, CA$313.00