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Job Shack Holding Tanks

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Job shack holding tanks are low-profile solutions that go above-ground and easily fit under trailers and mobile units. Unlike underground units, above-ground tanks allow for easy access to ports and easier maintenance. It also means you can move these lightweight tanks easily, if necessary. Another benefit of the tanks is that you can use them separately or connected in a series for an increased holding capacity.

  • Add waste holding capacity in portable situations.
  • Low profile design allows tanks to slide under trailers.
  • Tanks may be hooked in a series to increase volume.
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Job Shack Holding Tanks
  Name Part Capacity Dimensions Ships From Price
250 Gallon Quadel Portable Aboveground Septic Holding Job Tank250 Gallon Quadel Portable Aboveground Septic Holding Job Tank
Ships In 48 Hours
QI-1650250 Gallon84"L x 40"W x 19"HOR$597.00
250 Gallon Holding TankPJ-HT01-0250250 Gallon72"L x 48"W x 18"HIN$710.29
300 Gallon Above Ground Septic Tank300 Gallon Above Ground Septic Tank
Ships In 48 Hours
A-LP0300-HT300 Gallon95"L x 56"W x 16"HIA$672.00
300 Gallon Holding TankPJ-HT01-0300300 Gallon95"L x 53.5"W x 16"HIN$801.47
350 Gallon Quadel Portable Aboveground Septic Holding Job Tank350 Gallon Quadel Portable Aboveground Septic Holding Job Tank
Ships In 48 Hours
QI-1661350 Gallon89"L x 44"W x 25"HOR$837.00
500 Gallon Utility Holding Tank500 Gallon Utility Holding TankN-44643500 Gallon130"L x 52"W x 23"HMN, TX$1,165.00

Septic solutions are necessities, even when there is no permanent structure. These situations include portable restrooms, trailers, motor homes and mobile offices. Ensuring these places have septic solutions means investing in job shack holding tanks for septic waste management. A job shack holding tank is a sanitary receptacle, or septic tank, created for those situations where indoor plumbing is not an option.

The Tank Depot offers job shack holding tanks from top brands like Quadel, PolyJohn, Ace/Dan Hartog and Norwesco. The tanks from these brands come in 250, 300, 350 and 500-gallon capacities. Design-wise, the tanks vary slightly, but they all have a highly durable, heavy-duty construction for added security. The holding tanks offered by The Tank Depot all contain UV inhibitors to protect them from damage by direct sunlight and algae growth. The Ace/Dan Hartog tank, which only comes in a 3,000 gallon capacity, additionally specifies a specific gravity rating of 1.7 for their tanks. All units, regardless of brand, offer a 3-Year manufacturer warranty.

The Tank Depot is the way to go for cost-effective, lightweight and highly durable portable septic solutions.