RainFlo MHP75A 3/4 HP Automatic Pump

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When Performance Matters:

The RainFlo MHP75A is an automatic 115V/60Hz 4-stage 3/4 HP centrifugal surface pump with all stainless steel 304 construction in the water end. The pump automatically activates whenever water begins to flow from user demand such as an irrigation valve opening or a hose end sprayer being operated. When water flow stops, the pump shuts off. The pump control unit also features run-dry protection to prevent damage to the pump when no water is present.


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Comparison to Others:

Many of today's automatic surface pumps are configured with a built-in integrated controller. While built-in controllers are convenient, they are commonly the first component to fail which renders the rest of the pump inoperative and many times irreparable. Ironically, the controller is also the least expensive part of the pump system. The MHP75A is configured with a removable controller which not only allows user-friendly diagnosis and repair, but it also helps protect your pump investment in the event of a power surge or electronics failure. To diagnose the pump, simply unplug it from the controller and plug it into a wall outlet for about 10 seconds. If it runs, the problem is isolated to the controller. Its solid construction with a thick stainless steel casing and stainless steel impellers result in the durable and quiet operation this pump is known for.



Performance range:

Flow up to 26 GPM
Head up to 164 ft
Inlet/Outlet size:1" FPT
System pressure:Up to 65 PSI
Inlet pressure:Max. 145 PSI
Operating pressure:Max. 145 PSI
Liquid temperature:32°F - 158°F
Ambient temperature:32°F - 122°F
Nominal voltage range:110V - 120V, 60Hz, 10A max.
Power cord:5 foot 3-prong grounded
Weight:32 lbs
Dimensions:15.75"L x 6.5"W x 9"H
Thermal protection:Yes
Motor:2-pole induction, continuous duty
Cooling:Air cooled
Insulation class:F
Certifications:TÜV, CCC
Technical Drawings
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Key Specs
Length 17"
Width 8"
Height 11"
Weight 32lbs
Manufacturer Graf Rainharvest Systems
Manufacturer Part Number 400619
Shipping Height 11"
Shipping Length 17"
Shipping Weight 42lbs
Shipping Width 8"
Ship Class UPS