60 Gallon Steel Stackable Tote Tank with Stainless Steel Inserts

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Snyder's Cubetainer product line offers cost effective fluid storage solutions for Auto Service Shops, Quick Lube Stores, Fleet operations, and a variety of other industries. 

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60 Gallon Steel Stackable Tote Tank with Stainless Steel Inserts

Stackable storage and dispensing system for motor oils, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, ATF, antifreeze, DEF and many other fluids.  The standard footprint offers the ability to be stacked with similar or different gallonage units to accommodate multiple fluids. It eliminates the hassels of 55 gallon drums and allows for bulk fluid purchases to reduce your total fluid expenses while optimizing shop space with stackable units.  

Optional accessories are available to convert from a stationary system to a portable storage system.

Optional secondary containment provides for a clean and safe barrier between the tank and the environment for EPA and SPCC compliance. 

Technical Drawings
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Key Specs
Gallon Capacity 60
Inlet 2"
Lid Size 8"
Length 36"
Width 37"
Height 18"
Weight 44lbs
Material Steel
Manufacturer Snyder Industries
Manufacturer Part Number 1032003N95401
Color White
Warranty 3 years
Shipping Height 18"
Shipping Length 36"
Shipping Weight 44lbs
Shipping Width 36"
Ship Class UPS