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Rainwater Collection Adapter

Rainwater Collection Adapter
Rainwater Collection Adapter for Norwesco Tanks with 16" Manway
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Rainwater Collection Adapter for Norwesco Tanks with 16" Manway
Size: 5"L x 5"W x 8"H
Ships From: NY
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Online Price: $149.99

Besides helping the environment, an obvious reason for harvesting rainwater is to save money. Depending on the size of your house and the amount of rainfall in your area, you can collect a substantial amount of rainwater from your own roof. This extra stored water not only reduces your water bills, but becomes a garden-saver during times of droughts and the water conservation regulations they create. Some people find it mostly useful for watering their landscapes and gardens. Others find uses within the house as well. Rainwater can also be used for drinking but requires special treatment with a filtration system. Note that many cities require the filtration system for drinking water to be certified and the water to be tested on a regular basis. You do not need a filtration system for landscape uses.

4" adapter for 2"x3" downspout
4" Rubber adapter sleeve
Hose clamp
16" Screen
Lid not included (it is included with the tank)

Roofs made of galvanised iron, Colorbond, Zincalume, slate and clay/ceramic or concrete tiles are OK for collection of drinking water.

Lead-based paint (if your roof was painted before 1970) and tar-based (bitumen) coatings should be avoided. If your roof was painted with acrylic paint avoid the first few runoffs, which can contain dissolved detergents and other chemicals.

While asbestos fibres are dangerous when inhaled, it’s believed asbestos roofing sheets pose no risks for water collection, as long as the material is left undisturbed.