What is an IBC Tote? 5 Benefits of Purchasing an IBC Tote

What is an IBC Tote? 5 Benefits of Purchasing an IBC Tote
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What is an IBC Tote? 5 Benefits of Purchasing an IBC Tote


Updated November 27, 2023

Originally posted July 7, 2021


IBC totes or intermediate bulk containers are perfect for storing bulk powders and liquids. These containers can store hundreds of gallons of fluids, and their contents are easily disposable.

Shipping companies primarily use intermediate bulk containers due to their durability. IBC totes are also easy to stack and move by types of machinery such as a forklift or pallet jack.

What other benefits do IBC totes carry? Let's learn more about why intermediate bulk containers are the leading storage tanks for manufacturers.


1. IBC Totes are Versatile

IBC totes can store various types of substances. Homeowners can use these kinds of containers to collect rainwater, store compost, garden, and store water for livestock. Industrial manufacturers purchase IBC totes due to their ability to store dangerous chemicals. They are also made from different materials such as plastic, carbon steel, and stainless steel. Manufacturers choose the type of tank based on the type of liquid or powder that will be stored in the container.


2. Intermediate Bulk Containers are Inexpensive

The average poly cage can cost up to $130. Many storage tank companies also offer deals for customers who would like to purchase IBC totes in bulk. Since IBC totes hold a tremendous amount of weight, this can be advantageous for shipping companies that are looking to save money on transportation.


3. The Containers Can Be Reused 

If the IBC tote is thoroughly washed and rinsed, it can be reused. A high-pressure hose and different detergents can clean intermediate bulk containers. IBC tote tank manufacturers also encourage companies to have the totes professionally cleaned. Note that if industrial companies are looking to buy a reused container, ask what types of chemicals were stored in the tote. Experts say that if hazardous chemicals were in the tote, it is best to purchase a new IBC.


4. IBC Totes are Easy to Transport

Due to IBC tote cage dimensions, they are easy to organize and stack alongside or on top of each other. They provide industrial manufacturers with more storage and can be easily moved. They can be stored in warehouses, ships, and farms. Since the IBC container is built in a metal cage, workers can quickly move the container with a forklift.


5. IBC Totes are Long-lasting

Whether the IBC tote is plastic or steel, both are made to last for years. The containers are made to out-last any weather conditions and are airtight, which means that manufacturers do not have to worry about leakage. Many IBC storage tanks that are made out of polymeric material are also FDA-approved.


IBC Benefits for Homeowners

Although most IBC totes are used for industrial purposes, homeowners can purchase these containers too. Homeowners who have livestock, are seeking to collect rainwater, or storing water for gardening purposes can find buying an IBC tote beneficial.

Other ways that homeowners can use IBC totes include:

  • Composting: Composting is an environmentally friendly method used to throw away organic materials. Materials that can be composted are vegetable peels, leaves, yard waste, and grass clipping—the reason why many people compost is to add nutrients to the soil.
  • Rabbit hutch: Rabbit breeders or owners who desire to provide their animals with an ample amount of space may consider purchasing an IBC container. An IBC container is used for rabbits by cutting a large opening for the rabbits and filling the IBC tote with hay. It is recommended that only one rabbit be placed per container.
  • Kiddie pool: IBC totes, when cut in half, can be used for kiddie pools for small children and toddlers. Building a kiddie pool is inexpensive, and with careful supervision, kids can have fun in the summer months.

IBC Totes: Versatile Solutions for Storage, Savings, and Sustainable Living

The versatility and cost-effectiveness of IBC totes make them indispensable storage solutions with a myriad of benefits for both industrial manufacturers and homeowners alike. From safely storing hazardous chemicals to serving as innovative solutions for composting, rabbit habitats, and kiddie pools, these containers offer a wide range of applications. The economic advantage of their affordability, coupled with the ability to be reused and transported easily, positions IBC totes as a smart investment for various purposes.

As industries and individuals increasingly recognize the practical advantages of IBC totes, it becomes clear that these containers are not just vessels for liquids and powders but versatile assets that contribute to efficiency, sustainability, and creative solutions in numerous aspects of daily life.

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