The Many Benefits of Underground Water Storage

The Many Benefits of Underground Water Storage
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The Many Benefits of Underground Water Storage

Oct 26, 2021


Water storage is essential in many communities across the country and around the world. Whether you are someone who values preparedness or you have specific needs, there are many benefits to consider for choosing underground water storage.

The New York Times is reporting that experts are urging cities to build their water reservoirs below ground rather than relying on above-ground water storage. The article goes on to explain that underground reservoirs are cheaper than traditional, above-ground options. Below, you will find a few more benefits to consider when deciding if underground water storage is right for you. Depending on where you live in the country, some of these benefits can be essential.


Less Vulnerable to Temperature Fluctuations

Above-ground water storage tanks are vulnerable to temperature fluctuations. Hot temperatures can cause water to evaporate from the tanks and extreme cold can cause the water in the tanks to freeze. When water is stored underground, the earth provides insulation for the tank and the water inside. This means it is less likely to freeze or evaporate. This increases the ease of access to the water and reduces the risks of damage to your container should the water freeze inside.


Frees Up Valuable Ground Space

When you store water tanks underground, you can use the real estate above the tanks for other things. Above-ground storage tanks can take up large volumes of space. The more water you need to store, the more space that water utilizes above ground. When you bury the tanks, though, that allows you to utilize the space above them for other purposes.

People dedicated to the idea of beautiful landscaping will also appreciate that they can have the water storage you need without sacrificing the views of your home and from your home. In other words, underground water storage doesn’t become a landscaping challenge you have to overcome or somehow work into your overall design.


Prevent Runoff by Collecting Rainwater for Underground Storage



Collecting rainwater offers multiple benefits. First, it’s more sustainable than using freshwater supplies for things like watering lawns, irrigation, and even washing your car. Using underground storage not only provides an easy method of storing the water that is so useful, but also when it comes to preventing runoff which, in turn, helps prevent erosion and contamination of clean water with potentially harmful water from fertilizers, pesticides, chemical lawn treatments, etc.


Collect Large Volumes of Water for Household Use

Think of all the things you use water for daily. In addition to drinking water, the average household uses water for all the following purposes.

  • Washing clothes
  • Washing dishes
  • Showering and bathing
  • Washing cars
  • Watering lawns
  • Cooking
  • Watering gardens
  • Irrigation

It’s simple to install filtration systems to ensure the water is safe to use, while also preserving freshwater, saving money, and saving the planet in the process.


Collect Large Volumes of Water for Household Use

Floods and droughts have substantial effects on the water supply. For instance, flooding can cause widespread water well contamination. Droughts caused by extreme heat and dry weather can lead to evaporation. Because underground water storage containers store water well beneath the surface, the water inside isn’t vulnerable to heat the way it would be in above-ground storage containers.

This means it will last longer, helping to weather various water emergencies without the risk of running out of water, especially when you combine your water collection and storage efforts with sound water conservation techniques and tactics.


Ensure Water Availability Even During Emergencies


Cities everywhere have “boil water” emergencies when things go wrong at local water and filtration plants. Power outages for people who have well water can make that water inaccessible. These are all things your underground water storage containers can guard against. You’ll have access to your stored water no matter what is going on in the world around you.

From major winter storms to hurricanes, and even extreme droughts with water restrictions, you still need access to water for all the things you do in your daily life that require water usage. Having a significant source of water stored underground means you’ll have access to water even when those around you do not.


Stores Water for Fire Suppression Needs

In certain areas of the country, fire suppression is a growing concern. While there is little that can be done to contain out-of-control wildfires, there are things you can do to keep a small fire from becoming an out-of-control wildfire. Having access to additional water storage during fire emergencies is critical and can be the one thing that makes a world of difference for the sake of your property and your community.


Crop Irrigation and Livestock Management

Water is essential to all life. Humans, plants, and other animals depend on water to live. If you operate a small or large farm, a ranch, or any other type of livestock operation, you need to be able to effectively control the amount of water that gets to your animals and plants – regardless of what Mother Nature has in store.

The ability to store large volumes of water underground, helps you avoid many potential contaminants while ensuring that the life on your farm and property has the water necessary to get through leaner water times. Underground water storage containers make it possible to store the water you need for crop irrigation and to ensure that you have the water you need for livestock, cleaning, and more. There are plenty of benefits to consider when it comes to having underground water storage on your property. The ones we talked about above are just a few of many that could be beneficial. Depending on where you live and your water needs, the benefits are boundless.

Visit one of our many locations or shop our underground water tanks online to find the perfect fit for your home.

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