Choosing a 100-Gallon Stock Tank: Size and Dimensions, Poly and Plastic
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Choosing a 100-Gallon Stock Tank: Size and Dimensions, Poly and Plastic

Stock tanks can be used for various purposes, such as serving as troughs for cattle or horses, and gardeners can use them to grow plants. A raised container has the advantage of being away from animals that would otherwise eat the plants. 100-gallon stock tanks are among the most popular sizes for livestock and agricultural use. 

At Tank Depot, we offer both plastic and poly 100-gallon stock tanks in a variety of shapes and capacities to fit your needs. 

What is a Stock Tank?

Stock tanks are large, shallow containers known as feed or water troughs. Their primary purpose is to water livestock in a barn or field, though they can also be used for:

  • Pools: Smaller tanks are great for cooling your feet or you can use the large tank as a splash pool for the kids.
  • Reservoirs: Do you need a place to store water? These tanks are a perfect solution.
  • Raised bed gardens: Drill a few holes in the bottom for drainage and set these tanks anywhere you get sufficient sunlight to start a small flower or vegetable garden.
  • Aquaponics: A 100-gallon stock tank can easily hold enough fish for a small aquaponics setup.
  • Hydroponics: Use a styrofoam planting board to float on the surface of the tank, install an aerator and pump, and practice one of the most innovative types of gardening available.

Stock tanks are manufactured from many different types of materials, such as concrete, steel, stainless steel, plastic and poly. Most tanks today are made from poly, and the 100-gallon stock tanks are typically round or oval. However, they also come in other shapes, such as rectangular and hexagonal.

Poly vs. Plastic - What's the Difference?

Three white and one blue polyethylene storage tanks on a white background.

Plastic and poly are two distinct materials, despite the fact that many people mistakenly use them interchangeably. However, the differences between them are easily discernible. Poly is a type of synthetic plastic created from long-chain molecules called polymers, while regular plastic is made up of smaller chains of molecules called monomers. 

Almost all plastics contain polymers, but it's not necessarily true the other way around. Additionally, poly has higher tensile strength than regular plastic, while also being more resistant to extreme temperatures and impacts. However, regular plastic remains cost-effective and is great for everyday objects, such as storage containers or computer parts. Stock tanks are subject to:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • High UV exposure
  • Frequent movement due to relocation

For these reasons, poly is the better choice when deciding on a material for a 100-gallon stock tank.

Stock Tanks From Tank Depot

A blue 100-gallon oval stock tank on a white background.

Although there is no one-size-fits-all stock tank, the 100-gallon tank works for many small livestock farmers. The average cow needs three to thirty gallons of water per day. Various conditions will determine this number, such as the age, weight and stage of production of said animal, as well as its external environment — most importantly, the temperature.

A 100-gallon tank could supply the daily watering requirements for one to five cows. The average horse will intake five to 10 gallons of fresh water per day. You could use a few of these tanks or add a float valve to a single tank to keep it full at all times.

The Ace / DenHartog 100-Gallon Oval Stock Tank weighs 27 pounds and measures 55 inches x 31 inches x 25 inches high. It's made from a high-density polyethylene blend that is durable, weather resistant, and lightweight. These tanks can be easily moved from one location to another if needed, and are a great choice for medium-sized livestock herds or agricultural applications.

Other Tanks Sizes Available

Tank Depot carries stock tanks from 50 to 920 gallons and they are available in round, oval and rectangular shapes. There is also an option for custom-sized tanks.

Small Herds

A 50-gallon green oval stock tank on a white background.

  • Ace / DenHartog 50 Gallon Oval Stock Tank: This tank measures 50 inches x 31 inches x 12 inches high.
  • High Country Plastics Stock Tank/Feed Bunk 75 Gallon: This rectangular tank measures 55 inches x 26.5 inches x 17.5 inches high.
  • 320 Gallon Green Poly Round Stock Tank: This tank supplies a lot of water in a small space, and measures 6 feet in diameter and 2 feet in height.

Medium to Large Herds

Ace / DenHartog 610 Gallon Round Stock Tank: This tank can easily supply a herd of 20 or more a day as it measures 8 feet in diameter and 24 inches in height. It would also make a great wading pool for the kids!

Accessories Are Available

A collage of rainwater accessories including a rainhead, strainer basket, and tank monitor

Tank Depot sells more than just tanks. We also sell the most important accessories to make your stock tank as efficient as possible:

Rely On Tank Depot For Stock Tanks and More

Here at Tank Depot, our poly stock tanks are available online in many popular sizes and shapes. Our premium water tanks are made from food-grade, UV-stabilized polyethylene and are manufactured using the Roto-Molding Process. 

Plus, the green color of our plastic water storage tanks reduces algae growth and blends in with the environment. 

Shop our complete line of plastic and poly tanks for water storage, septic tanks and more online, or contact us today for a retail location near you!

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