What Are the Dimensions of a 275-Gallon Tote?

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What Are the Dimensions of a 275-Gallon Tote?

What Are the Dimensions of a 275-Gallon Tote?

Plastic storage totes for liquids are a great addition to any homeowner, farmer or homesteader’s storage solutions. Tough and reliable, these containers come in various shapes and sizes to ensure you find the perfect one for whatever liquids you need to store. 

Whether you’re storing fuel for farm equipment or looking for a place to keep your harvested rainwater from the roof of your barn, a plastic liquid storage tote will provide you with the necessary security for safe transportation and maximum freshness. 

This article will cover the standard 275-gallon tote, as well as other options for liquid storage.

History of Liquid Storage Totes

Plastic storage totes for liquids have certainly come a long way since their inception. The need for customizable, airtight containers to keep liquids safely stored and transportable has been around for centuries, but plastic became the preferred material in the 1950s due to its durability, convenience and cost-effectiveness.

In response to the need for more efficient shipping containers, the IBC tote was invented in the early 20th century. Early versions were made from wood and were typically used for transporting coal. However, in the 1930s, steel containers began to be introduced and quickly became the standard container for dry goods and liquids.

Polyethylene totes were first introduced in the 1960s and soon became a favorite due to their durability and lightweight. They serve various purposes — from food storage to chemical transport.

IBC Totes and Their Uses

A white 330-gallon rebottled IBC tote surrounded by a silver cage.

What Are IBC Totes?

Among all other design types of Intermediate Bulk Containers, caged IBC totes are used most frequently. IBCs are for various commodities' storage, transit and operation integration, but the commodity used most often with IBC cages is water. 

When it comes to hazardous materials, they're mostly one-use containers. However, they can be suitable for reuse under specific conditions.

How Are They Made?

IBCs usually have a blow-molded interior liner made of polyethylene that is supported by a cage frame. Cage frames are commonly made of galvanized steel.

Dimensions of a 275 Gallon Tote

A 275-gallon tote surrounded by a silver cage on wheels.

Caged IBC Totes are typically sold in 275-gallon and 330-gallon sizes. The size of the 275-gallon caged tote is 40 inches x 48 inches x 46 inches. Some models are sold with a height of 52 inches. The extra height provides the support necessary to eliminate the need for a metal superstructure or cage. The 330-gallon caged models are 40 inches x 48 inches x 54 inches and are also available in a larger configuration with the final dimensions of 40 inches x 48 inches x 58.75 inches.

Transporting an IBC Tank

When moving an IBC tank around your property, there are a few things you need to remember:

  • First, be aware of the weight of the tank when it is full. A 275-gallon IBC can weigh almost 2,500 pounds. A 330-gallon tank can weigh up to 3,000 pounds.
  • Make sure the equipment you will lift it with can safely handle those weights.
  • Most standard pickup trucks cannot handle that type of weight in the bed of the truck. You may need to move the tote with a trailer.

Uses of IBC Totes

A white plastic water tank with a small green cap on top and a green spout at the bottom.

A 275-gallon plastic storage tote is an ideal solution that provides plenty of size and flexibility while also protecting the stored liquid from the elements. Not only is it tough enough to contain fuel, water and other liquids without leaking, but it's also easy to transport and set up in almost any area on your property. Another advantage is that the tanks can be stacked, which saves you space and doubles the storage capacity of the space utilized. IBC tanks can also be used in unique areas, such as:

  • Aquaponics
  • Bulk storage
  • Rainwater storage above or below ground

All water containers must comply with U.S Food and Drug Administration Regulations to store potable water. They need to be manufactured from FDA-certified, BPA-free, food-grade virgin high density polyethylene (HDPE).

Which Industries Utilize IBC Totes?

IBC totes can be used multiple times before disposal to reduce waste and save money. Different industries have different needs, though, so it's important for decision-makers to choose the right type of IBC tote for their products. The following categories represent the largest users of IBC totes.

Food and Beverage Industry

A person cutting a bagel and tomatoes on a pink cutting board in an industrial kitchen.

The food and beverage industry demands reliable transportation that will maintain the delicate items they sell intact. IBC totes are containers that comply with these specialized requirements while also ensuring that businesses' products remain unharmed, fresh and intact.

Chemical Industry

A person in a white hazmat suit kneeling to open a bottle of chemicals in a warehouse.

Stringent transport regulations are in place for the chemical industry to protect against spillage or contamination of products. Attention must be given to transportation methods in order to minimize the risk of accidents.

As long as IBC containers are properly cleaned and kept in good condition, they'll meet the regulatory requirements for transporting chemicals. This can help clean and avoid residue from previous products that could affect the safety or quality of future cargo.

Tank Depot is Your Best Resource for Plastic Storage Tanks

Tank Depot offers a wide selection of 275- and 330-gallon totes designed to meet the needs of any industry. From food-grade plastic totes for the food and beverage industry to caged IBCs for the bulk handling of liquids, we have your storage solution. 

Our Cagebuster models provide an extra layer of support to help eliminate the need for a metal cage, which saves your budget in the long run.

With decades of experience in the storage tank business, Tank Depot offers unbeatable customer service along with the lowest prices. Contact us today for more information!

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