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How to Calculate the Capacity of a Round Water Tank

Storing water can be a challenge, but round water tanks are a practical solution. Their simple design makes them suitable for multiple uses that include: home, agricultural and industrial settings. The key to picking the right tank is understanding how much water it can hold. This knowledge helps in planning and effective utilization. 

This article aims to guide you in calculating the capacity of a round water tank in gallons, while also highlighting the reasons why they're an excellent option, and exploring their versatile applications.

Understanding Round Water Tanks

Round water tanks, characterized by their cylindrical shape, serve a multitude of purposes — residential, agricultural and industrial. They are appreciated for their simple installation and maintenance because of their streamlined design. Economically priced and compact, they can easily fit into a variety of scenarios. 

Their durability surpasses most other types of tanks, which makes them a reliable choice. Moreover, their portability makes them perfect for jobs requiring substantial water storage. From an engineering viewpoint, round tanks efficiently store liquids due to the equal distribution of liquid pressure across their rounded walls. 

This enhances their durability and makes them less susceptible to damage or leaks. The absence of corners prevents sediment build-up and simplifies cleaning and maintenance.

Round Water Tank Capacity Calculation

The capacity of round water tanks is determined using the formula: V = πr²h

  • 'V' represents the volume or capacity
  • 'π' is Pi (approximately 3.14)
  • 'R' is the radius (half the total width)
  • 'H' is the height

The result is in cubic feet. To convert it into gallons, multiply the result by 7.48, which is the approximate number of gallons in a cubic foot.

Let's illustrate this with an example. For a round water tank with a 5-foot radius and a height of 10 feet, the calculation would be:

V = π x (5 ft)² x (10 ft) = 785.4 cubic feet

Convert this to gallons:

785.4 cubic feet x 7.48 = 5,877 gallons

This simple calculation technique ensures you're equipped to ascertain the capacity of your round water tank.

Why Choose Round Water Tanks?

Efficiency and Versatility

Round water tanks are chosen for their inherent strength and efficiency. Their cylindrical design withstands pressures from the stored water, which is evenly distributed around the tank. This makes them versatile for storing different liquids, including chemicals, without affecting the tank's structure.

Optimal Space Utilization

In terms of space, round water tanks are unrivaled. Their circular base allows them to fit into corners or against walls more effectively than rectangular tanks in order to maximize the use of available space.

Simplicity in Installation and Maintenance

Installation of round water tanks is typically simpler than other shapes. Their symmetrical design eliminates the need for specific orientation during installation. They're also easier to clean and maintain due to the absence of corners that might accumulate sediment.

Tank Depot’s Round Water Tanks: A Class Apart

Tank Depot has a wide range of top-notch round water tanks to cater to diverse needs. Tank Depot provides round water tanks in different sizes for various purposes. Whether it's for domestic use or agricultural/industrial use, you can find a suitable tank. Their tanks are durable and long-lasting, which makes them a great investment.

500 Gallon Round SW

A bright blue, cylindrical, water tank.

Tank Depot - 500 Gallon Round SW

Our 500 Gallon Round SW Tank can hold 500 gallons and has a round footprint with a diameter of 49 inches. It is 49 inches wide, 49 inches deep and 67 inches tall. When empty, it weighs 105 pounds and 4,485 pounds when full. The tank is manufactured in the United States and made from food-grade material that is BPA-free. It also comes with a 3-year warranty and includes brass spigots.

1110 Gallon Bushman Polyethylene Low Profile Round Tank

A low profile, dark green, cylindrical water tank.

Tank Depot - 1110 Gallon Bushman Polyethylene Low Profile Round Tank

The BLPT-1110 tank has multiple components, including an inlet strainer, two outlets with different sizes, an overflow assembly with mosquito mesh, and an accessory port. The tank comes in four available colors: black, forest green, mocha brown and brick red. The lid of the tank measures 16 inches, the overflow measures 3 inches and the fitting measures 2 inches. 

1500 Gallon Green Plastic Water Tank

A group of dark green, cylindrical water tanks. The tanks are a variety of different sizes.

Tank Depot - 1500 Gallon Snyder Vertical Water Storage Tank

The 1500 Gallon Green Plastic Water Tank is designed to prevent algae growth with its high level of pigmentation. It has a bottom-drain fitting that is bolted securely and a top fitting near the manway for tank float accessories. The tank is easy to clean and inspect due to its large manway openings, and it comes with a three-year warranty.

Explore Tank Depot’s Extensive Selection of Round Water Tanks Today

If you're searching for a trustworthy, high-efficiency and adaptable liquid storage solution, your search ends with Tank Depot. Our circular water tanks make the best use of space, are a breeze to set up and can safely store your liquids. Our wide variety of tanks means there's a perfect fit for every requirement, and all at unbeatable prices. It’s not just for water — we've got storage options for septic, chemicals and other liquids as well.

Contact us today for additional details or to find a retail outlet in your vicinity!

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