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Plastic Water Tanks (Underground Water Cisterns)

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Manufactured from linear polyethylene in one piece, seamless construction, our below ground cisterns feature the same rugged, ribbed design found in our septic tanks.Where applicable, NORWESCO's cisterns have been certified under ANSI/NSF Standard 61.

The 300 and 550 gallon spheres may remain in the ground when empty. These tanks include a molded-in elevated pump stand on the bottom of the tank. The ribbed tanks (600 gallon and larger) need to be kept 1/4 full at all times.
  • Suitable for potable water-resin complies with U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulation 21 CFR 177.150 (c) 3.1 and 3.2
  • Light weight for easy transport and installation.
  • Self locking covers.
  • Ideal for campgrounds, resorts, vacation homes and construction sites.
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Plastic Water Tanks (Underground Water Cisterns)
  Name Part Capacity Dimensions Ships From Price
250 Gallon Underground Water Cistern Storage TankN-43746250 Gallon47"D x 56"HMN, OK, OH, UT$369.99
325 Gallon Below Ground CisternN-41321325 Gallon54"D x 51"HMN, OH, GA, OK, UT, NY, WA, CA$489.99
325 Gallon Underground Cistern TankA-AST-0325-1W325 Gallon54"D x 56"HIA$458.99
430 Gallon Plastic Water Storage TankGRAF-200200430 Gallon52"D x 62"HGA$867.99
525 Gallon Underground Cistern TankA-AST-0525-1W525 Gallon63 x 74
550 Gallon Below Ground CisternN-40856550 Gallon64"D x 64"HMN, OH, WA, CA, OK$799.99
Snyder 575 Gallon Low Profile Below Ground CisternSII-C2L575 Gallon88"L x 48"W x 44"HCA, AR, WV$740.00
600 Gallon Below Ground CisternN-41328600 Gallon101"L x 51"W x 42"HMN, GA, UT, WA$739.99
Graf 700 Gallon Carat S Rainwater Retention CisternGRAF-372001700 Gallon82"L x 62"W x 79"HGA$1,648.99
850 Gallon Underground Cistern TankA-AST-0850-1W850 Gallon70"L x 60"W x 60"HIA$808.99
Chem-Tainer 1000 Gallon Below Ground CisternTC1000WT1000 Gallon86"L x 65"W x 68"HHI$4,597.99
Graf 1000 Gallon Carat S Rainwater Retention CisternGRAF-3720021000 Gallon90"L x 69"W x 87"HGA$1,868.99
1000 Gallon Underground Cistern TankA-ACT1000-LPB1000 Gallon98"L x 111"W x 36"HIA$1,698.99
1000 Gallon Underground Cistern Tank
Ships Immediately!
9539-A-ACT1000-LPG1000 Gallon98"L x 111"W x 36"HOK$1,999.99
1000 Gallon Underground Cistern TankA-ACT1000-LPG1000 Gallon98"L x 111"W x 36"HIA$1,798.99
1150 Gallon Underground Cistern TankA-AST-1150-1W1150 Gallon101"L x 60"W x 60"HIA$1,098.99
1200 Gallon Below Ground CisternN-413291200 Gallon102"L x 60"W x 58"HMN, OH, GA, OK, UT, WA, CA, NY$1,199.99
1175 Gallon Underground Water Cistern Storage TankSII-444051175 Gallon127"L x 60"W x 51"HWV, AR, CA$1,071.99
RTS 1175 Gallon Complete Rainwater Harvesting System Underground CisternRHA-1200UG1175 Gallon126"L x 60"W x 51"HOH$2,714.99
Chem-Tainer 1250 Gallon Below Ground CisternTC1250WT1250 Gallon86"L x 76"W x 68"HHI$4,850.99
Graf 1250 Gallon Carat S Rainwater Retention CisternGRAF-3720031250 Gallon90"L x 78"W x 96"HGA$2,088.99
1400 Gallon Below Ground CisternN-418931400 Gallon116"L x 60"W x 66"HMN, OH, OK, UT, NY, WA, CA$1,444.99
1450 Gallon Underground Cistern TankA-AST-1450-1W1450 Gallon118"L x 58"W x 72"HIA$1,298.99
1500 Gallon Underground Cistern TankA-ACT1500-LPB1500 Gallon98"L x 111"W x 48"HIA$2,098.99
1500 Gallon Underground Cistern Tank
Ships Immediately!
9539-A-ACT1500-LPG1500 Gallon98"L x 111"W x 48"HOK$2,399.99
1500 Gallon Underground Cistern TankA-ACT1500-LPG1500 Gallon98"L x 111"W x 48"HIA$2,198.99
1700 Gallon Below Ground CisternN-413301700 Gallon143"L x 55"W x 66"HMN, OH, GA, OK, UT, WA, NY, CA$1,733.99
1800 Gallon NexGen Cistern TankSII-444071800 Gallon157"L x 69"W x 51"HAR, WV$1,693.99
Graf 1700 Gallon Carat S Rainwater Retention CisternGRAF-3720041700 Gallon94"L x 86"W x 107"HGA$2,638.99
Ace Roto Mold 1700 Gallon Cistern TankA-AST-1700-1W1700 Gallon137"L x 58"W x 72"HIA$1,798.99
2000 Gallon Below Ground Water Holding Tank CisternN-425592000 Gallon126"L x 98"W x 53"HWA, MN, OH, OK$2,456.99
2000 Gallon Underground Cistern TankA-ACT2000-LPB2000 Gallon98"L x 158"W x 45"HIA$2,598.99
2000 Gallon Underground Cistern Tank
Ships Immediately!
9539-A-ACT2000-LPG2000 Gallon98"L x 158"W x 45"HOK$3,099.99
2000 Gallon Underground Cistern TankA-ACT2000-LPG2000 Gallon98"L x 158"W x 45"HIA$2,698.99
2500 Gallon Below Ground Holding TankN-440792500 Gallon159"L x 99"W x 51"HMN, OK, CA$3,050.99
2500 Gallon Underground Cistern TankA-ACT2500-LPB2500 Gallon158"L x 98"W x 54"HIA$2,998.99
2500 Gallon Underground Cistern TankA-ACT2500-LPG2500 Gallon158"L x 98"W x 54"HIA$3,098.99
2600 Gallon Underground Water Cistern Storage TankN-437702600 Gallon155"L x 98"W x 51"HMN$3,211.99
Graf 2650 Gallon Carat XL Rainwater Retention CisternGRAF-3720062650 Gallon139"L x 88"W x 114"HGA$4,838.99
5025 Gallon Underground Holding TankN-448765025 Gallon211"L x 102"W x 73"HTX, MN, UT$7,279.99